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In A Perfect Storm Looking For A Way Out?

What's The Diagnosis?

ADHD ▪Autism▪ Tourettes▪Asbergers ▪Anxiety ▪Depression ▪ Ataxia▪ Cerabral Palsy▪MS ▪Multiple sclerosis▪Asthma ▪Allergies ▪Alzheimer's▪Neuromyelitis optica (NMO)▪DimentiaNystagmusOscillopsia ▪Fibromyalgia

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)▪Optic Neuritis ▪Giant Cell (Temporal) Arteritis Addissons▪Bell's palsy ▪Epilepsy ▪ Motor neurone disease (MND) ▪Neurofibromatosis ▪Parkinson's disease ▪Sciatica ▪ Shingles ▪Tumors ▪Endometriosis ▪Huntington chorea ▪ Brain Tumor ▪Cysts▪Birth asphyxia And Many More.........

These are the diseases that affects brain and organ function, memory and behaviour.

Symptoms Vary: Breathing Problems ▪

Colic ▪ Reflux▪ Constipation ▪Sensory▪ ▪Pain ▪Headaches▪Anger ▪Sickness ▪ Loosebowels▪Fainting▪Confusion▪OCD

Insomnia▪Exhaustion▪ Tremor ▪Falls ▪ Mood Swings▪ Menopause ▪Menstrual Issues▪Restless▪Perimenopause ▪ Obesity ▪ Weight loss▪Hyperfocus ▪Rage▪Inability To Cope▪Addictions▪Falls▪Accidents▪Gastroparesis ▪Infertility ▪ Emotional Instability▪Tumours ▪Cysts ▪Low mood ▪ Mania ▪Racing thoughts ▪Over thinking

That’s just a short run of many other conditions, disorders, and symptoms that could easily be linked to the Vagus Nerve in just a matter of a few paragraphs. I could honestly talk about this all day and even write an entire book to talk about everything that is clearly, scientifically linked to Vagus Nerve Disorders.  So for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to really dive deep into exactly what the Vagus Nerve does, what causes it to get off track dysfunction and most importantly what you can do to get it back on track if you think you or your child’s Nervous system is truly dysfunctional. 

Health challenges can truly run in a family's lives due historic habitual behaviours. They dig their roots into the central and autonomic nervous system, the immune system, the gut and more. 


The Vagus Nerve has been nicknamed the “wandering nerve” because it originates from the brainstem, and then travels down along the cervical spine and spreads out throughout much of the upper body. It’s long been known to control vital functions of the heart, lungs, and digestive system, but we now know the Vagus Nerve does even more important work.

Recent research on the Vagus Nerve shows us that it’s also crucial in helping regulate our mood, emotions, and behaviour and still, other research continues to show how influential the Vagus Nerve is in regulating our immune system, especially in lowering inflammation . 

Simply put, Vagus Nerve Disorders can negatively affect almost every element of your child’s health. For infants, we know the most important health functions starting out are the basics things such as eating, pooping, and sleeping.  Then from there, the motor system, immune system, and things like communication (speech) and emotional regulation begin to develop. It’s easy to see how a Vagus Nerve Disorder could negatively impact the function and development of one or all of those things in us and our children. 


The symptoms of Vagus Nerve Disorders can be vast and far-reaching. They also are most likely going to not be limited to just one symptom or condition, but have absolutely Perfect Storm effect where many things become dysfunctional at once. The best condition that shows the various ways Vagus Nerve Disorders can show up in a person would be autism. We know in autism not only are behaviour, mood, and other brain-based functions altered, but autistic people  also struggle with things like digestive motility and immune function.  Digestive motility, gastroparesis is one of the most well-documented Vagus Nerve Disorders.  This is where the motility or movement of the gastrointestinal system is slowed and altered because it’s the job of the Vagus Nerve or Cranial nerve to stimulate and activate digestive function or perestelsis in this way.  This is generally what happens across the board with Vagus Nerve disorders – some key function that is supposed to be activated and stimulated by this wildly important nerve is then slowed way down or “turned off”. 

Here is a quick list of things we know can be connected to Vagus Nerve:

Disorders: Abdominal pain and bloating Difficulty swallowing or loss of gag reflex ,Dizziness or fainting (often called Vasovagal Syncope) Acid reflux Anxiety, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, (GERD) Hoarseness, wheezing or loss of voice, difficulty speaking, Loss of appetite, feeling full quickly, or unexplained weight loss Nausea and vomiting, Sleep disorders Heart rate and blood pressure challenges, Depression and Social anxiety, Claustrophobia, Arachnaphobia, , Negative Self Talk, Paranoia, Psychosis, Constipation Heart rate and Blood pressure challenges, Chronic Bipolar Depression.

How Do We Treat All This?

Carmen Elizabeth Is Passionate About Helping Others, She's Studied Anatomy And Physiology And Worked In The Caring Industry for over 20 Years, Teaching Anatomy & Physiology at Level 3 For the past 2 years. She understands the body as A Whole And What Can Go Wrong With It.

She Has A Special Interest In Mental And Physical Health, Being A Kinaestetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement Consultant Musculoskeletal Specialist, Mental Health Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer, Aromatherapy Practitioner And Cognitive Behavioural Specialist She Really Understands People, Their Problems Their Nervous System and Everything Connected To It More Than Most.

She Uses Her Caring Nature To Go Above And Beyond To Help Others. Her Authentic Intuitive Healing Gift To Empower Others To Heal Thereselves And She Really Does Know Stuff!

From Your First Assessment Tests And Detailed Analysis She'll Put Together A Personalized, Customized Care Plan Just For You Or Your Child That Will Ensure You Get The Life Back You Desire Without Bothersome Symptoms. 

Book Your Route To Recovery Today Message Us On:

07392 378 826

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