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Treatment Aftercare

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Our treatment is a very relaxing and so strongly stimulating that it has effects on your whole mind, body and emotions.

In the days following treatment you may experience many things some of the following symptoms of healing: Tiredness, fatigue, increased relaxation or more an abundance of high mood lifting energy Increased thirst

Increased sleep

Increased emotions Increased visits to the toilet Headache or nausea

Increased digestion

Return of menstrual cycle (Heavenly Waters Natural Detox)

Increased Libido Heightened mood and increased emotions

D.O.M.S Delayed onset of muscle soreness aching

Heavy feeling in the body

The more stagnation and toxin build up you have to release is generally how strong the contra-actions will be and longer they will last.

These are a good sign your body has responded to treatment and started to heal. Use them as a guide to how well your recovering by monitoring as they become less and are shorter each time until you eventually are only left with the amazing wellness effects.

Following the aftercare advice to a T should resolve any effects within 24 to 72 hours.

Generally people only feel worse the more they have to heal and detox from and often feel better when adhering to selfcare.

These symptoms are not exhaustive but all normal and are simply a sign that your body is starting to go through a healing process.

Rehydration should be done gradually as advised and can take time especially if you've been dehydrated for many years.

What To do

In this event increase your water intake and try to rest. These feelings should pass within 24 to 48 hours sometimes longer if your body has been going through illness and chronic stress for many years. To minimise these effects we advise the following: Drink plenty of pure water, herbal teas mint pr ginger green tea, ginger and lemon, cerrasie, and healing fresh juices such as celery, carrot, lemon, pineapple, ginger, blueberry and cucumber.


Aim for 10 hours sleep a night


Try not to lift anything too heavy


Try light stretches, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation or Qigong.


Drink at room temperature or hot and hit your

daily intake.


The treatment can release alot of tension, stress, past trauma, stuck emotions and increasing your fluid intake and resting with movement like walking and stretching can help minimise the risk of dehydration, which can cause the headaches and nausea.


Rest, sleep and relax immediately following a treatment where possible will increase recovery time.


Take extra care if you are driving, treatment can be extremely relaxing and your reflexes may be slower than normal.


Avoid alcohol totally it's effects can feel trippled, avoid caffeine, coffee, fizzy or sweet drinks and tobacco following a treatment as their stimulating effects may hinder the detoxifying process.


Try to take light meals like soups, broths, as a heavy meal may slow down detoxification and make you feel nauseous.

Oils and the sun

After treatment, some essential oils are phototoxic (enhance the properties of the sun) which is enhanced in pregnancy and just after birth. We therefore advise that you avoid direct sunlight, hot showers and sunbeds and saunas for 24 hours following your treatment.

Your Consultant Cares

Listen to your consultants advice they have many years of vast experience in helping lots of people with various chronic health conditions to manage them effectively but you have to also work with them by following the aftercare, regular treatments or a maintenance treatment plan, advice and any exercises given to ensure the best outcome.

Yours and their time

We all have many time restricting commitments so please respect our time arriving and leaving on time and keeping calls to a minimum at booked times only.

How much?

We all too often hear how many will I need or "can't afford it" or "I don't have time" regularly. We regularly check similar services and are on average 50% less per hour than our competitors who offer only one treatment.

Ours is a multi modality treatment combining many holistic approaches for the most effective and quickest and best outcome for you.


If you are on medication please check in with your GP to check your level of medication is still what's needed and if necessary work with their guidance to reduce the dosages.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

We Aim To Fix In Our Block Of Discounted 6 Treatments But........

A build up of toxins and illness especially from ongoing chronic stress can take time to resolve.

Are you still in a stressful situation, job or relationship?

Do you have a chronic condition?

Are you on medication?

If you have been dealing with pain, chronic illness, fatigue, stromg medications and ongoing chronic stress for many years for instance grief, being a carer for someone else you may need many treatments to feel well again.

This is sometimes not the case some report feeling amazing after one visit but often in chronic cases toxins and trauma accumulate in the body and you may feel worse the more your body has to release as your body works hard to release with regular treatment you will feel the benefits as seem in our experience on average between 6 and 21 treatments for chronic conditions.

Honestly speaking we ask what price do you put on your health?

Are you one of those who prefers buying an abundance of shoes, bags, clothes, food, alcohol, going out or getting your hair or nails done whilst the pain and illness continues? Or the one who waits until their car breaks down before you service or fix it?

Do you wait until your body breaks down or needs an emergency operations needing more time off work or do you save money by preventing it?

Your health is actually your wealth you can't earn money without it and we have vast reports of being more happier, more productive, less sick days, reduction in pain and medications, less surgical procedures and more often getting a better quality of life when a regular treatment plan and our aftercare advice is followed.

Trust & Change

Trust the path that has led you here. Listen to your consultant they have over 28 years experience in caring for others, helping them change to a healthy lifestyle as they continue in keeping up with healing qualifications and their professional development often giving up all their evenings and weekends to help others and know how best to guide you.

"Healing hard at first, messy in the middle amazing at the end"

Carmen Elizabeth 🙏🏽💖

Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement Consultant Musculoskeletal Specialist

📲Book and pay for your treatments today to avoid disappointment via message here:

07392 378 826

Your Multi-modality Consultant May Include:

Postural Analysis

Tongue Diagnosis

Kinaesthetic Testing

Cranial Sacral Balancing

Stress & Trauma Release

Tui-na Release Clinical Massage

Spinal Subluxation Release

Spinal Fixation Release

Spinal Restriction Release

Neck Release

Fire Cupping

Clinical Acupuncture

Auricular Ear Seeding

Auricular Ear Candling

Food Intollerance Testing

Deep Organ Release Reset


Holy Fire Violet Flame Healing

Spiritual Healing




Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

*10% Off for Block Bookings of 6 or more. *We work on a first come first served basis please book your block well in advance and your appointments are not secure or guaranteed until paid for.

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