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Meet Carmen Elizabeth

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Carmen Elizabeth Maynes

MABT IPHM DIP PT AET Complimentary Alternative Health Care Health Practitioner / Beauty Therapist / Specialising in Stress & Pain Management / Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Disordered Eating & Trauma release) Cranial Balancing Stress Release / Aromatherapy / Reflexology / Indian Head Massage / Fire Cupping / Personal Training / Mental Health Awareness Advocate /

Business owner at Lifestyle Detox W (D20TOX) Wellbeing Programme © Creator 2012, Carmen's Beauty and Holistic Therapy, The Healing Cabin Training Academy, The Healing Cabin Pain Management Clinic & The Forget Me Not Mindful Gift Shop Cotgrave Nottingham NG12 3PS.

I remember being passionate about learning new things from an early age inspired by bible stories at Sunday School I became a very "sensitive" and caring child wanting to help others around me from around the age of 5.

I suffered quite a lot of health challenges throughout my life really struggling from the age of 10 with my first operative procedure things just got worse so I became despondent with some of the 'western' healthcare, misdiagnosis and side effect giving medications so I eventually embarked on my own healing journey.

I started to study holistic therapies in 2007 as part of an occupational career change after being made redundant from a high pressure corporate role where I supervised and taught EMTEC Modules and invigilated the exams of 22 Motor Mechanics.

The big changes started as I obtained my first Anatomy & Physiology Level 2 Diploma in 2008. I went on to gain my Gym Instructing / Personal Training, Anatomy & Physiology Level 3, Exercise to music, Advanced instructor, Nutrition and Massage qualifications and began working and gained vast experience in a private health club and several other gyms / studios as I started teaching over 30 fitness classes a week and then working early shifts as a Complaints Manager 39 hours a week.

My ego became very loud during my healing journey as I worked those 4 jobs, went to college and studied all night to afford my mortgage, utilities, training courses whilst as a single Mum also caring for, supporting my young Son with additional needs.

I wasn't conscious to it, the ego made me believe that I must always be doing, producing, learning, doing “work” that involves movement, I could not stop even going for runs at 5am even Christmas morning! This eventually broke me down to my lowest level ever in 2012 and a good job it did as this is where I started my next path and my journey of Self discovery with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Reiki Seichem Healing, Cranial Balancing Stress Release & Yoga.

Most of my learning was how to just BE. How to find stillness. How to return to the body even when the ego stalks me with “I should” “I need to” and all the other constant thoughts of distraction and how to release past trauma.

I haven’t stopped my professional development since despite my chronic autoimmune disease, chronic pain conditions, health challenges and to add to them an accident which an MRI diagnosed a chronic and permanent spinal injury in 2017.

I continue pacing researching pain management, upskilling, journaling blogging, article writing, meditating and studying on a basis that suits me now to so I can manage my continued professional development, work helping others and managing my own self care and healing.

I now finally happy in my life, having found balance and pride myself on helping others, not dwelling on past events and traumas, just living in the moment, just allowing myself to be, working with my qualifications and experience, adapting and combining therapies, so each treatment is tailored to the specific and individual needs of my clients no matter what their symptoms and ailments may be, my expectation is that I can help!.

When the Drs can do no more to help try The Healing Cabin therapies! You've everything to gain on your healing journey.

Experience and qualifications include:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)

AET Level 3 (Award in education & training)

Anatomy & Physiology Level 3

CYQ Gym instructor / Personal Trainer CYQ Level 3 Advanced Instructor Biomechanics / I move freely Practitioner

Fitness Pilates

Hatha / Vinyasa YOGA

Fight Klub Bag boxing Certification

Fight Klub Mixed Martial Arts Training Insanity Boot camp Certification

Client lifestyle and fitness testing

Health related exercise for children

Weight Management & Nutrition

Exercise to music

ZUMBA Dance Fitness

Studio Resistance

Water based exercise

Indoor cycling

Circuit Training

Aqua Cycle

Power plate

Core Stability

(TRX) Total Resistance Exercise

Training in different environments

Swedish Massage

Indian Head Massage



Fire Cupping Massage

Cranial Balance Stress Release

Thai Yoga Massage 1

Thai Yoga Massage 2 Advanced

Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Hot & Cold Stones Massage

Beauty Therapy

Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)

Hands-free Massage

Reiki Shoden, Shinpiden Master

Reiki & Seichem RASA Practitioner & Master Teacher

Stress & Pain Management Coach

DSE Assessor

Business, marketing & coaching

Emergency First Aid at Work

Understanding Grief and Loss

Stop smoking support coach

Mental health problems & awareness coach /advocate

Elderly / Continence care

End of life care support

Safe guarding adults & children

Behind The Mask Domestic Violence Champion.

Barbecide Covid 19 Infection Control Certificatation

Suicide Awareness Certification

Member of and insured with, ABT Association of Beauty Therapists, All our courses are verified, accreditated and Insurable as a Training Provider should be by ABT The associated Beauty Therapists, (Students get 10% Discount with my code) The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (Instant membership with my code) & The CPD group registered learning centre.

I'm also an active member of RASA Reiki Seichem Association. (Students get 6 months free membership with my code)

Checked, passed by Rushcliffe Environmental Health and licensed by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

We follow the ABT, IPHM and Rushcliffe Borough Council rules and codes of practice and partake in continuous professional development requirements to stay up to date.

Not just a Business owner, Mother, Wife and founder of Carmen's Beauty and Holistic Therapy, The Healing Cabin Training Academy, The Healing Cabin Pain Management Clinic and The Forget me not mindful gift shop. She also runs a monthly Lifestyle Detox Plan as she truly believes great health and well-being has helped her and lots of others heal from the inside out.

"If your here it's a sign book in message me today "

Love & light

Carmen Elizabeth 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏼❤

Take reponsibility and start caring for yourself today!

Based in the beautiful village of Cotgrave Nottinghamshire NG12 3PS.

We are covid secure.

Wash Hands Cover Face Make Space

Feel free to message me with any enquiries here:

Tel: 07392 378 826

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