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From the age of 5 I started to draw this flower I didn't know the name or significance of it I drew it all the time, epecially in times of stress and distress.

These days I notice them everywhere, floating around yoga studios, yoga wear and mats, and tattoos on the skin of this significant lotus flower.

The lotus as itself stands as a symbol of awakening the human mind to the divine within ourselves. There are so many types of lotus flowers, the pink lotus flower, and the purple lotus flower being the most common.

The pink lotus flower signifies "Purity and Devotion". The purple lotus flower signifies Enlightenment and Unity with the Brahman (Universe). This lotus flower symbol is still seen in some ancient places in India to depict the victory of the mind over the physical.

This symbol is for you if:

You value Love and Devotion both to God, yourself and to the Universe. Strive for Purity and Devotion.

With all things love and devotion you can overcome all the trials and tribulations of this physical world.

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