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Top tips for sleep
Our Roll-On Essential Oil Blends are the combinations of pure oils that all work well together to promote specific things like sleep, relaxation, depression; anxiety support, energy, happiness and much more.  Our roll-ons are so popular with our customers we often sell out. They contain a mix of 100% Natural and Essential Oils in soothing carrier oil bases.  These ones specifically the best in quality sweet almond.
Our customers enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anytime with these pocket-sized oil blends, Ideal travel companions whether your on the daily commute, visiting family, friends, annual holiday, weekend break or around the world trip. 
Our roll-ons are special are a fraction of the price of some popular retailers and the reviews speak for themselves.  They can be easily applied throughout the day especially helpful during stressful situations, difficult and tense times, making it easier than ever to experience our aromatherapy rescue when need it most.  
Easy to use: To release the aromatherapy, roll onto temples, wrists and nape of the neck.  Please don't use internally.
Our sleep deep tips: Carmen's recommends Relaxation techniques - We do yoga and meditation.
Allow yourself some worry time - Note down and become aware of your thoughts or discuss them with a friend or relative for 15 minutes a day. After the 15 minutes is over, throw away the paper and move on.
Lower your body temperature before bed - Your body rests more easily when it is at it's basal temperature.  Exercise at least 2 hours before bed and enjoy warm but not hot bath bomb baths 2 hours before you hit the sack. Keep your bedroom cool. If it’s too hot and stuffy you won’t fall asleep easily.
Listen to light noise when going to sleep - playing white noise or listening to the soothing sounds of a meditation can help you drift off to sleep.
Get yourself into a bedtime routine -  Stick to your routine every night so to tell your body it’s time for bed.
Get comfortable - Ensure you invest in quality bedding and pillows if you can and make sure your mattress is giving you the right amount of support and comfort.   *All of our products are Specially Blended for The Healing Cabin & Forget Me Not Gift Shop Clients Only.  Message us for a full consultation appointment. E-mail:

10ml Roll On Essential Oil Blend - Fall To Asleep!

  • Properties

    Origin  United Kingdom
    Unit weight 0.040Kg
    Unit dimensions 2x8.5 (cm)

    Tocopherol, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Oil, Citrus Aurantium Oil, Linalool*, Limonene*, Geraniol*, Farnesol*, Coumarin*, Cintronellol*. *Naturally occurring in Essential Oils

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