Chakra Singing Bowls Meditation
The Navel/Sacral Chakra located in the lower abdomen, genital womb.  Its function is desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation. Its inner state is tears. Its colour is orange and its celestial body is the Moon. Its stone is Coral and carnelian Meditation on 1 Level.
Balancing this chakra is associated with sexual vitality, physical power and fertility. Energies: Fire, Energizing changing.
Singing bowls are really a type of bell, the sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound.  Easy to master, with time you will be enchanted.
Ring up some enchanting times with this very popular negativity clearing  line.  

Available in:
Crown / Purple 
Third Eye / Blue
Throat / Turquoise 
Heart / Green
Solar plexus/ Yellow
Root / Red

Origin India
Net weight 0,25Kg /set
Shipping weight 0,25Kg
Dimensions8x8x5 (cm), 0,32L, 0,781Kg/LBarcode5055796590988
Materials Brass

Chakra Meditation Singing Bowl


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