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Personal training

About Carmen – Personal trainer

Carmen is a top personal trainer with a wealth of experience gained from working previously with Hoofers, JJB Sports Club, DW Sports Club, Virgin Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, The University of Nottingham, Nottingham City Council, Minver and Mellish Sports Centre.


She has a fresh approach to personal fitness, which combines sports values with fitness psychology. Carmen has been training clients in in Nottingham for over ten years, and is particularly experienced at tailoring fitness programmes to the needs of a variety of individuals, including children, busy professionals, older clients, and clients with complex needs.

Since a back injury in 2017 That rendered her unable to walk she has been able to use her own Yoga & Pilates experience and knowledge to rehabilitate herself enough to be able to get around again.  This injury has helped her to understand the difficulties faced by others and enabled her to motivate people more who are disabled or have recently become disabled through injury to push them gradually to achieve a place where they can manage their condition.

Carmen holds numerous qualifications including CYQ level 3 Personal Trainer, Exercise to music, Water based exercise, Circuit trainer, Spinning, C.O.R.E Conditioning, VTCT Body massage, K.O.R.E Therapy Cupping massage, Soft tissue release, Trigger Point Therapy, Advanced instructor, Nutrition Weight management, Health related exercise for children, Anatomy Physiology, Yoga, Pilates, Lifestyle, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki master, Holistic facials, manicure, pedicure and many more.




Carmen’s approach to personal training emphasises specific to your goal which can be intensity, efficiency or strength geared.  Offering you a workout which makes the best use of your time in order to generate results.

Carmen says “I treat each person as an individual everyone is different and has different goals and needs. In my training I aim to help clients to develop a holistic approach to their fitness that meets their needs and takes account of their lifestyle. Carmen does her best to ensure that you achieve an efficient workout within an hour”.

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