The Healing Cabin Academy  

Our policy to help ensure everyone stays Covid 19 free, healthy and safe.

We Really Care



Our policy will help to ensure a much safer environment for our client’s, students and staff when attending class or 121 training courses with our company.


The UK Government and world health organisations (WHO) have already identified the simple actions that need to be taken in order to minimise the risk of being exposed to the virus. By implementing and adhering to these simple guidelines in our policy everyone can be reassured that they will have a safe place to enjoy the learning experience.

·What are we doing?

We’ve worked every day for 12 months during our closure to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all of us. These are the measures we have in place to enhance the already safe environment we had.


1. To ensure your peace of mind and safety

We ask when booking with us please don't if you've not following the Covid 19 safe Government advise which includes wearing masks and social distancing by 2 meters or 1 meter with a mask.  We contact everyone with a Covid client consultation form before their visit, check your temperature on entry to the garden, provide hand sanitizers and wipes, access to hand washing facilities with disposable towels and we constantly ensure adequate fresh airflow through the venue.  We enforce social distancing where ever required.  Have the NHS Test and trace poster take your details if you don't have a smartphone.  We wash all linens at 60c.  Our taps are run for at least five minutes when we close the cabin for anymore than 3 days. We cover our taps when spraying air sanitiser after each client. All surfaces and touch points are cleaned after each client.  We change out of our uniform inside the cabin and use a fresh uniform for each client.  We an outside reception area to prevent infection in the cabin.  Anyone will be refused entry who is exhibiting a temperature, cough, loss of smell or taste, diarrhea, cold or flu symptom.


2. When attending your appointment please bring along the following:

A face shields.  *(Students)
A face mask. (Everyone unless exempt)
Alcohol based hand-sanitiser

Antibacterial wipes

Bottle of water

Text from your car on arrival you will receive a text to enter and we'll meet you at the gate.

When travelling to us follow the advice with respect to travelling on public transport and please wear a mask.

Please don't turn up if you are suffering from flu or fever symptoms or you have been in contact with others who have in the last 14 days as you will be refused entry. You should call 111 (NHS) immediately. Follow their instructions and then contact our us to rearrange your appointment.


3. If you’re booked in please contact us immediately if:

* You or anyone in your household or bubble have holidayed or travelled abroad in the past 14 days.

* You’re feeling unwell and are unable to attend your appointment.

* You’re self-isolating due to advice from a healthcare professional.


Follow this links for further advice and information regarding the Coronavirus as we are unable to advise you personally.

  • We have strict hygiene I.E Pay before arrival, Sanitize, temperature on arrival to outside reception, wear a mask, socks, personal items straight into the box with lid, sanitize on leaving, reporting and sharing test and trace information protocols to adhere to so please ensure that you know what you have to do as we are unable to advise you of your legal requirements.

Our Staff

We are provided with all of the latest information from the Uk Government and WHO, Checked and regulated by Rushcliffe Borough Council, ABT Insurance and our various other health organisations and our accreditation councils so that we are fully informed of the current protocols required.  We have carried out specific Covid 19 infection control training.  We’ve refreshed on all of our health and safety training including first aid.


We’ve confirmed that we have not recently travelled to any of the Countries with confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, we don’t socialise outside of our bubble, training partners, We wear a mask in public places, wash all linens at 60c, deep clean, sanitise and disinfect the whole area after each client and we do the same in our home.  We commit to you that we know this is a daunting time but we’ve always been infection control aware for the safety of all and we ask that you do the same to respect us, safeguard us our family and livelihood.


Our cleaning schedule includes:


1. Sanitising and disinfecting all equipment, surfaces and touch points within the areas used.

2. Access to hand washing facilities, disposable paper towels and hand sanitiser.

3. Adhering to strict health and safety processes, protocols, should anyone be symptomatic of any kind of infection.

4. Ensuring that we all are well in ourselves and are not symptomatic of any infection.

5. We wear a face shield, Mask, goggles or whatever PPE we deem appropriate at all times.

 We’re genuinely honest and we care about every one’s health and safety.