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The Healing Cabin



Chronic Pain / Illness Management


Our special Pain Management therapy works by gently mobilising and releasing the whole body including the neck, spine and pelvis.  It removes restrictions throughout the body to promote better alignment and posture.  Our therapy stands out from other therapies by diagnosing and treating the underlying root cause of many problems and conditions, as you can see from our 5 star reviews it dramatically improves the most chronic of conditions.  


For example, recurrent knee pain may actually be a secondary symptom caused by an imbalanced pelvis, which can be addressed by pelvic realignment.  Obviously in some cases a knee injury is a knee injury and this can be helped too!  Our unique functional muscle testing and diagnostic system shows instigates a natural recovery response to many chronic conditions and the clients are able to witness this through our unique functional muscle testing techniques.


We know that when the body is free of tension and restriction, blood and lymph can flow freely, transporting everything the body requires to run smoothly such as oxygen, hormones, energy and toxins.

This better flow that can happen in just one cranial balancing treatment means the body functions better and because of this, numerous different health complaints may benefit from this treatment.

Our therapy is suitable for people with all illness, and diagnosis regardless of any age including children and babies, each treatment is tailored to the clients specific needs.


We have over 27 years experience in the care, health and fitness industry treating babies, teens, elderly and palliative care.  We have the skills, experience and knowledge to work with you to treat any condition and symptoms.


We’re also trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that we have reviews to prove it can help with a range of conditions such as anxiety, mental health conditions and grief.



Blessings Love & Light, Thanks for reading this post and others on here.  Our free blog is full of useful FREE Information for you.  To make a donation or contribution to this small business, our website, Satsang or to assist with domain fees, up keeping of free content available to the public, and supporting my Continued Professional  Development and healing Journey / mission to help others please consider donating.   You can also consider donating a Reiki Seichem healing session to someone less fortunate (We will choose one recipient to receive this per month), buying a meditation/ CD or e-book, course or purchase from our gift shop purchase gift vouchers or services as another way to contribute to my mission.  It's also an investment of your own karma. 

Thanks for honouring what I do, may what you honour in me, be honoured in you also. 🙏🏼💜 

To make a donation you can do so by messaging direct 07392 378 826 

Thank you so much for sharing and caring God bless Carmen Elizabeth.💜

*The Advertising Standards Authority no longer permits complementary therapists to suggest or claim that a treatment can help a particular condition, however please feel free to email or call me to discuss your condition and we will offer advice on what treatments we think maybe effective for you.

*Disability access is currently being worked on.  In the mean time there are 2 small steps and a small slope up to the cabin.

*24 Hour CCTV & monitored security in operation.

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