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Our Business Coaching


If you want more time, a happier work life balance, to increase your profits, improve your team, work smarter and get more out of your time, there’s never been a better time to do it.
Our business coaching, growth methodology is so simple, tried and tested, your gains will more than you could ever pay for my service.  Carmen Elizabeth is a fully qualified Business and Marketing Specialist as well as a Holistic lifestyle coach with over 10 years experience in this field.
Why have a Coach?

*To wake up to the practical knowledge that your Coach has, this has been studied tried and tested with amazing results in relation to the development of strategies to improve all areas of your business.

* To remain accountable to a proactive mentor who will make sure you work on yourself not just the business.

* To have someone experienced to support you, brainstorm with a fellow business owners, someone who understands the psychological aspects and challenges you face as a business owner.

* To receive a true outside perspective, from someone you can trust, who wants you to succeed, who isn’t blinded by industry norms and trends.

Business coaching can be a life changing, totally eye opening, soul searching, growth promoting and goal achieving journey so no wonder it can seem like a daunting step it is!

We work with you to work to achieve, take action and ultimately achieve your goals to take away and implement into your business straight away, “The ultimate in Business Marketing Skills suitable for any business large or small without costing you the earth”.  

On average we evaluate 12 major topics which include:

Business plan

Services, Products, Pricing and Market Research

Finance, Advertising and promotion

Goal Setting

Coping Strategies

Team building







"I would definitely recommend Carmen Elizabeth on all levels of business coaching. She was my Personal Business Coach and helped me out at a very complex and difficult time which helped my business immensely. She went over and above to resolve difficult issues with 3rd parties for me. She's excellent in customer service, knowledgeable, informative and helped me get my business back on track so quickly. She's great at getting to the root cause of any issues. She offers unlimited support and advice and after just 1 6 hour session I completed ended up with a new relaunch in my business within 3 days the problems had solutions and we were back up and running to full capacity! I felt so well prepared to take my business forward and for future opportunities from that day, Thanks to Carmen Elizabeth's Support and her commitment to helping others and business skills. I definitely recommend her for any business coaching and support worth every penny and more!
Mr Singh Manager Director Dil's Bodywork Specialist ltd Nottingham

"Carmen Elizabeth was employed as the Renault Service Supervisor for 8 Years.  Her job entailed complaint handling, and teaching 22 mechanics the EMTEC Modules and she also acted as their invigilator for their assessments. Carmen’s attention to detail with both Mechanics, Reception staff and Service Customers was always exemplary.

People skills was always something she handled comfortably and that coupled with her organising ability always made a tough job look easy.

I have always kept in touch with Carmen and am so pleased to see her go from success to success. I would have no issue with recommending her for whatever she chose to do, and always wish her well for whatever challenge she takes on."

Myron Nykolyszyn the Dealer Principal of Renault Nottingham.

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Carmen Elizabeth on so many levels. She was my Personal Business Development Coach and helped me understand, define and gain my next step in my developing my business. The sessions were always very positive as her positivity and personality are infectious, quite varied looking at all opportunities and options, very knowledgeable, informative helped me get down to what is really important and the methods were really simple to implement.  She doesn’t just look at your business she looks at the root cause of any issues.  I’ve been able to see a different perspective to my life, business and the options, together with the unlimited support created a new, challenging, exciting lease of life for me and my business that I couldn’t have imagined. I completed 6 weekly sessions and ended up with a new position and was well prepared to take my business forward and for future opportunities, thanks to Carmen Elizabeth and her skills."

Brian Nottingham

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