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The Healing Cabin is owned by Mrs Carmen Elizabeth Maynes

Carmen's Fitness & Holistic Therapy was Established in 2009 and Trade marked in 2012 which includes all posts, photos, books, manuals, products and courses.  

Carmen Elizabeth first became interested in fitness, beauty & complimentary Therapy in 2007 when she found herself stuck in depression after many health challenges, chronic illness and on top of being made redundant for the 3rd time, weighing 19 1/2 stones and Size 28.  She didn't feel comfortable bursting out of her clothes so decided to do something about it and joined a gym where she found she was always helping the other members more than herself!.

After many years working in health care with children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) End of life care in 1994 and the corporate sector to 2007 she decided to retrain as a Gym instructor / Massage therapist which led to her to completing her Personal trainer, Beauty, Holistic and Chinese Medicine Training over the last 15 years to date.


Carmen Elizabeth's journey has not been easy at all but she is grateful for every experience both positive and negative as it has led to her gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Care, Health, Fitness, Beauty, Pain management, Spiritual Healing and Teaching Professions. 


She provides: Complementary Health Care in

. Pain, Injury and Illness Management Treatments

. Spinal Restriction Release

. Pelvic Strain Release

. Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement

. Personal Training

. Client Lifestyle Coaching

. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

. Fitness testing

. Nutritional reprogramming

. Lifestyle Detox

. Reiki Seichem Spiritual Healing

. Spiritual Readings

. 121 Meditation Coaching

. Glass Fire Cupping

. Gua-Sha

. Cranial Sacral Balancing and Stress Release

. Zang Fu Deep organ & Abdominal Detox

. Aromatherapy

. Reflexology

. Auricular Ear Candling

. Auricular Ear Seeding

. Gua-Sha Non Surgical Face Lift Rejuvenating Facials

. Inch loss treatments

. Manicure and Pedicures

. Gel Manicure and Pedicures

.Training Courses

. Wellness work shops, Corporate & Personal Business Coaching

. Lifestyle and Business coaching to clients throughout Nottinghamshire.


Carmen Elizabeth understands the many struggles of others, is experienced, qualified to a high standard in Health, Illness recovery, fitness, beauty, spiritual and complimentary health therapy and continues to participate in continued professional development on an ongoing regular basis often giving up her evenings and weekends to study and learn more.

Her unique multi modality therapy works by connecting and tailoring the treatment to each persons needs then mobilising and releasing the whole body removing restrictions from the neck, spine, pelvis legs and feet.  It removes energy blocks and restrictions throughout the body to promote better Qi energy flow, blood flow, alignment and posture.  Her therapy stands out from other therapies by finding the cause of your symptoms with energy analysis, kinesiology testing, tongue diagnosis, touch and treating the underlying root cause of many problems and conditions using many Chinese and western medicine techniques renowned for amazing results even from the first visit.  

For example in one of our reviews, we had a client with years of recurrent knee pain we found to actually to be a secondary symptom caused by an imbalance somewhere else, which we addressed by with full body restriction release.  Obviously in some cases a knee injury is a knee injury and this can be helped too often avoiding surgery! 


Our unique functional muscle testing and diagnostic systems shows we instigate a natural recovery response to many chronic conditions and the clients are able to witness this through our unique functional muscle testing techniques at the start of their appointment at the end and on follow up visits.

We know that when the body is free of tension, stagnation and restriction, blood and lymph can flow freely, transporting everything the body requires to run smoothly such as oxygen, hormones, energy and toxins.

​This better flow that can happen in just one treatment which means the body functions better and because of this, so many numerous different health complaints may benefit from this treatment.

Our therapy is suitable for people with all illness, and diagnosis regardless of any age including children and new born babies as each treatment is tailored to the clients specific needs.

We have over 30 years experience in the customer care, health and fitness industry treating babies, teens, elderly and working with SEND (Special Educational Needs Disabilities) and palliative care. 

We have the skills, experience and knowledge to work with you to support and treat  you no matter what your condition or symptoms.

Carmen Elizabeth is also a fully qualified Adult Education Training Tutor (AET) With over 26 Holistic and Beauty Courses available. She's also a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in exercise in Menopause, Disability and Children. She is a Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement Consultant Musculoskeletal Specialists, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Seichem Master Teacher and Spiritual Reader. 

Carmen Elizabeth has 100s of 5* reviews at The Healing Cabin which prove that our therapies can help with a range of conditions such as pain, anxiety, mental health conditions and grief.  

She offers comprehensive signature treatments to the general public, businesses and specialist clubs which are designed to suit any person and budget.  With a private clinic, the service provided is on a real special personalised 121 level 100 % passionate and committed to helping people to live a more relaxed, peaceful, healthier and stress free lifestyle. 


Our training is tailored to help others succeed despite disability, dyslexia, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and other chronic conditions that tend to hold people back.

*Copyright Note: Thanks for understanding that, So to visit The Healing Cabin this page or any other content on my site, email, pages for the purpose of plagiarism, Inhabiting, taking, infringing on what does not rightfully belong to you is to provide permission to protect against you to bring justice to the situation as a form of Karma the protectors see fit.  Always acknowledge the rightful owners of this website and all materials other writings from the author and may you be blessed for doing so.  I provide a lot of my free content you are free to use it.  I also treat some in need for example those in distress with no income free of charge.  Consider donating so I can continue to help those less fortunate.

Disclaimer: Information contained on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a GP, Medical Consultant or Mental health professional.




"I honestly cannot recommend this treatment enough! I had it around 2 weeks ago as Carmen recommended it because of all the tension I was carrying in my back, I had never heard of it so was very unsure but Carmen was so reassuring and explained everything perfectly, I decided to go ahead with it and now I’m so glad I had it I can honestly say my back has never felt this relaxed and free, I will definitely be returning in the near future for another round, I can’t wait" Chelsea W

I have participated in several of Carmen's aerobic/bums tums and thighs and spinning classes before she changed career. The experience is always thoroughly energetic and enjoyable with excellent results for my fitness as I am a regular runner up to half marathon distance who needs to regularly participate in other fitness disciplines to maximise fitness and prevent injuries.  Carmen has also on occasions visited my home with her massage service, which is excellent as you are in the relaxed environment of your own home, a service provided at your own convenience which is again very thorough and professional, and what's more you can relax immediately after your treatment without the hassle of having to get yourself back home.  Excellent service and delivery all round.  Karen Wiltshire

I would just like to say, what a lovely lady Carmen is, since joining her Zumba class in January 2012,  I am now going to carmen's boot camp class on a Saturday, and now doing detox program. I feel great really enjoying the detox program, and exercise that goes with it the support you get from Carmen is 100per cent and also makes exercise fun to do . Kim Johnson

Carmen is a Great Yoga and fitness instructor! Love attending her classes as they are always different and challenging. Her bootcamp sessions are one of the few workouts that really challenge my fitness level. Nada LB

Carmen is the best instructor I have encountered. I have benefited from attending her Pilates class enormously. She creates the perfect environment to have a thorough stretch and workout without noticing the work involved. I have noticed a significant increase in my flexibility, strength and calmness. This has helped me deal with the stress and pressures of everyday live and to manage my anxiety disorder. I will continue to go out of my way to attend this class over others that are similar. Claire C

Very good, makes sure you are OK with the pace, very friendly. Katie G

Just want to endorse all the previous reviews. Started in May with Zumba and Boot camp on a Thursday now also join the Saturday outdoor Boot camp and the Zumba Yogalites on Mondays. Never thought I would enjoy exercise so much. She makes it fun whilst at the same time making you push yourself that bit further to achieve that extra push up! Can now move without creaking. 

I have been doing Carmen's zumba and boot camp classes for a few weeks now and am really starting to see results in my fitness, physique and posture. I could not have done this on my own. Being pushed is really working for me. Jackie W

Carmen is one of the best fitness instructors you will find. She is a understanding, caring and knows how to get the best out of you. I do zumba and boot camp at first i was a little nervous with no self confidence or rhythm but Carmen soon got rid of that. Her classes are full of fun and energy just like one big happy family. This woman sure knows how to get the best out of you she is push push push constantly.I have been doing zumba and bootcamp for approx 5 weeks now and have never felt so good sure for a couple of days after you ache like mad but still i am always excited for the next session. If you want to get fit and have fun Carmens the one to get your bum into action she did it for me. Michelle Elston

I was finding it hard to motivate myself to do an exercise class but found Carmen's Zumba class great fun and an excellent way to keep fit. I didn't need to be a great dancer, I could just keep up at my own pace. Carmen's an excellent teacher and I'd recommend her without reservation.  My Husband & I also did her Detox plan with fantastic results all round without ever being hungry. Shirley Wirrollow

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