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The Winter Blues

Massage & Cranial Balancing Stress Reduction Therapy Can Really Help Reduce The Winter Blues.

Did you know one in five are impacted by seasonal change? Massage and Cranial Balancing Stress Reduction Therapy has been shown to improve mood and elevate energy levels. People who want to fend off the winter blues may find relief by integrating these therapies into their healthy lifestyle weekly maintenance routine. The shorter days and colder weather temperatures leaves many feeling depressed, sad and lethargic.

Some studies show that regular treatments can help to improve mood and reset circadian rhythms in the body which leads to better sleep, more stress relief and more energy. Seasonal Affective Disorder otherwise known as S.A.D is recognized as a major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns.  A less severe form of seasonal mood disorder is also known as the winter blues which really impacts an even larger portion of the population.  These two disorders combined affect as many as one in five men and women and may be aggravated by the change to daylight savings time. Symptoms include depression, letgargy, fatigue, reduced energy, difficulty rising in the morning and a tendency to eat more especially chocolate, crisps, carbs and starches. As we turn back the clocks and approach the cold, darker months, suggest alternative therapies to your loved ones and friends it could really help them and they'll appreciate the recommendation after. It may be an effective method of deflecting common seasonal challenges, and the downward spiral some sucombe to. Treatments can really benefit the way our bodies react to negative influences, whether that’s pain, weather, anxieties, illness or disorders. It's amazing for Anxiety & Depression. There's a vast amount of research documenting the positive impact of therapy for the relief of anxiety and depression for people in a wide range of health conditions. The immediate benefits include reduced anxiety, tension, pain, jealousy, depressed mood and anger while the long-term impact reduced depression and increased serotonin levels. Serotonin is a major neurotransmitter with functions in various parts of the body that works to regulate mood, stress levels, appetite, sleep, memory and learning. These therapies are also found to improve sleep, specifically by assisting with circadian rhythms or the body clock. A study investigating the effects of Massage and Cranial Balancing Stress Reduction Therapy on the adjustment of rest to activity as well as melatonin secretion rhythms in full-term infants found the therapies enhanced coordination of the circadian system.

Carmen Elizabeth said:

"Everyone is treated as an individual here, there's no one thing fits all so we tailor it to the individual. We do have alot experience in S.A.D and alot of tools to help. We'll carry out a detailed consultation to find out your triggers and suggest things that could really work for you from your 1st appointment"

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