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Our Forget Me Not Gift Shop has 5 and 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, Bespoke Aromatherapy Roll on Essential Oil Blends, Inhalers, Diffuser blends, Bath & Body that are loving made to order to ease most symptoms and ailments. They're infused with Reiki Seichem Healing by Carmen Elizabeth Certified & Licensed Aromatherapy Blending Practitioner and Reiki-seichem Master Specialising in commonly treated issues such as: Arthritis Rheumatism Back pain Neck Pain Hip Pain Knee Pain Foot Pain Sprains Sciatica Depression Bipolar Anxiety Stress Worry PTSD Dyslexia Insomnia Sinusitis Asthma Coughs Neuralgia Migraine Headaches Coldsores Cellulite Circulation Oedema Period Pain PMS Perimenopause Menopause Mood swings Hot Flushes IBS Warts Eczema Dermatitis Spots Psoriasis Hair loss Nausea Grief Guilt Anger Trauma Jealousy Sadness Regret Exhaustion Confidence Get Yourself Some Healing Today! Try our: 
1 ) Anti- Depression & Anxiety Inhaler 2) Hormone balancing serum - Peri Meno. 3) Menoblend (Menopause Support)
4) Age Defying Healing Skin Serum 5) Body firming Oil 
6) Detox Facial Oil (Acne / spot blend) 7) Detox Roller Blend 8) Detox Bath Oil 9) Breathe easy 
10) Sleep Well Facial Oil 
11) Sleep Well Diffuser Blend 
12) Sleep Well Inhaler 
13) Sleep Well Roller Blend 
14) Anti-Allergy / Hayfever Blend 
15) Headache ease 16) Thyroid Support Blend 
17) Active Woman Support Muscle Ease blend 
18) Active Man Support Muscle Ease blend 
19) Pain Management Blend 
20) Study & Exam Support
21) Interview Support 
22) Rescue Blend Mental Health Support 23) Maternity/ Labour / Post Natal Support 
24) Immune System Support 
25) Influenza & Cold Rescue Blend * Warning: Some blends may contain nuts if made with nut oil. Follow directions on the bottle and your prescription. Take care in the sun or on sun beds after using oils on your skin and for 24 hours after. All blends are blended specifically for you so please don't share your prescription. Don't use on broken or damaged skin. Please patch test any oils and products before first use to ensure your not allergic. We are not responsible for any reactions.  Avoid using around the eyes, ears and genitals and please don't drink the oils or blends. If you are under the care of a physician consult them before using essential oils. Please don't use on children unless especially blended for them. Disclaimer:  We don't claim these products replace traditional medical care or prescription medicines and we don't diagnose conditions. Oil Prescription Blends 5ml Roller Blend Just £4.99
10ml Roller Blend Just £9.99
10ml Diffuser Blend Just £9.99 
10ml Bath Blend Just £9.99 
10ml Compress Blend Just £9.99 
10ml Face Blend £9.99 
Inhaler Just £5.99
Refills available for all glass & amp; food grade PET bottles minus £0.50 off original price. 
Message us your order collect at your appointment.  Consultation required.  
  *All facts, details & recommendations on our website are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of medical professionals.

Aromatherapy Rescue Blends

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