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Our favorite Jamaican jerk seasoning is the king of Caribbean spice. The Ultimate in Seasoning, cinnamon-clove chill of plump allspice together with warming thyme and fiery scotch bonnet and dried chilli flakes, bring you an instant taste of the Caribbean. Rub the Jamaican jerk seasoning liberally over any meat, vegetables, fish, lamb, seafood or tofu — and though BBQ is best, coconut oil shallow fried or oven baked is still terrific.  The seasoning isn’t just for grilling: you’ll love it tossed through a Stir fry, Stew pot, Pasta bake, Cauliflower / Macaroni cheese, Popcorn or stirred into a sauce to serve at the table. 
Radlein Mill’s Portland Jerk Seasoning  recipe comes straight from Jamaica’s Portland Jerk festival — an annual event to celebrate the ‘birth of jerk’. And with jerk, heritage is best — this jerk seasoning is blended in Kingston Jamaica on the island itself and imported to the UK from there via our favorite carribean store directly to us 320g, blessed and stored just for you.  
Thats one Unique & Special Jamaican Gift!
Gluten and MSG Free. Ingredients: maize, seasonings (pimento, scallion, garlic, onion, black pepper, chillies, scotch bonnet pepper and thyme), ginger, extractions of paprika, contains less than 5% of sea-salt, natural flavours. Contents weights approx quantities may vary. See our info recipe blog here

Portland Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 320g

SKU: Approx 100g
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