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About Carmen Elizabeth

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Carmen Elizabeth Maynes

Holistic Practitioner VTCT MABT IPHM DIP AET PT CST TSM Carmen Elizabeth is an Holistic Health Practitioner, Coach & Educator.

Carmen Elizabeth is an experienced and ever evolving Holistic Therapist / Lifestyle Detox Coach & Educator who remains passionate and absolutely fascinated by the connection between our physical body, the mind, spirit and emotions. I believe we all could be living the best life possible if only we knew how to except and control our emotions, actions and reactions. I'm as passionate about helping people as I am towards life and have always had a keen interest in healing myself and others.

I became more aware due to my own personal challenging experiences of the impact other people have on us at a very early age in my life which led me to dedicate my life to professional training to help others heal, progress and enhance their lives as much as possible.

I have a warm, friendly and gentle disposition which helps me to intuitively tune in and sense where there may be issues in the body. I'm skilled at releasing tension and pain as I work either hands off as an Universal Healing Energy Channel or hands on palpatating the tissues of your muscles during the therapy.

I maintain a genuinely respectful position during all therapies and have a strict RESPECT Massage Policy. I've been actively working on my Personal Development for the past 25 years and never take for granted the issues which can arise for each of us as we go throughout life or as we go through unpredictable challenges and changes.

It's always a privilege for me to be a part of someone's unique journey and witness an individual’s personal acheivements and development after my coaching teaching or treatments. My primary goal is that you feel unique, comfortable, safe, supported and respected as you receive your treatments.

I've been teaching adult education since 2003 before going into teaching group exercise in 2009 which became my passion and a part of my daily routine.

An active member verified and Accredited Training Provider (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine of Holistic Medicine, Member of and Insured by The Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT) also accredited and verified by both.

I'm a transformational Holistic lifestyle Detox Coach Massage / Pain management / Cranial Balancing Specialist / Aromatgerapist/ Reflexologist & Educator based at The Healing Cabin Cotgrave Nottinghamshire. I practice at The Healing Cabin and also from my home office via coaching calls and zoom sessions by appointment.

I specialise in natural treatments for all ailments including pain, injury, enabling ability after disability, stress, anxiety, grief, depression, trauma release, spiritual healing and relaxation using all natural interventions such as Cranial Balancing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Glass fire cupping massage and Reiki Sechiem healing.

I also have a whole host of pampering Beauty treatments, training courses and mindful gifts on offer too.

I'm eternally grateful to have worked over 25 years in the caring industry and this experience has gave me the opportunity to work with my clients and help and support them through broken hearts, disability, disappointment, grief, loss, phobias, aches, pains, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, sadness, lack in confidence, OCD, panic attack, PTSD, fat loss, quitting smoking, home / business problems, stuck in a rutt and much much more.

I offer you the opportunity to relax, de-stress, refresh and unwind with a treatment of your choice within my Quirky Cabin.

You'll leave with a fresh positive mindset, a sense of calm, relaxed muscles and a newly found sense of freedom.

This tranquil unique private, cosy space is warm, comfortable, clean, quiet and affordable, security conscious and covid secure.

A contemporary treatment room and class room, designed to offer a safe and neutral space for you to receive therapeutic coaching and holistic body work with professional healing and massage therapy.

You'll also have the opportunity to process any feelings with Reiki Seichem Healing or try our Zoneo sessions all to create a pathway to a new more enjoyable life and better future with my Detox Lifestyle-Coaching.

Thank you for choosing me to assist you and for taking the first steps in your journey to learn, heal and renew yourself. I will help you remove any obstacles that you may have that have become barriers to your happiness and future success.

Whether you strive for a better work life balance, self development, Love or great relationships with friends and family, health, fitness or work I'm with you every step of the way.


*Actual results may vary. Carmen's Beauty and Holistic Therapy @ The Healing Cabin does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Our treatment intention is to offer a variety of information, wellness treatments, coaching and tools to help the client in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being.

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