After Care To Support Intracranial Hypertension Spinal Restrictions, Good Blood Flow and much more

  • Avoid heavy sports activities like lifting, twisting, jumping, running, swimming, basket ball etc

  • Avoid excessive cold and sun exposure

  • Limit poor fats and salt intake as high salt intake causes water retention in the body which combined with high-calorie diet leads to weight gain and Oedema.

  • Reduce the intake of food rich in vitamin A, such as beef, liver and certain vegetables, like carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and leafy greens rich in vitamin A.

  • Reduce the intake of foods rich in tyramine, which include preserved, dried or smoked foods such as pepperoni, liverwurst, pickle, salami, cheese, beer, wine, nuts, fermented soy products, olives and broad beans. Tyramine results in dilatation of blood vessels which is harmful in cases of high intracranial pressure

  • Avoid intensive activities like bungee jumping, negative G-force rides at amusement parks, contact sports like jujistsu Thai boxing, judo, and rugby

  • Limit or cut alcohol consumption best Avoid caffeine and alchohol really as it can cause dilation of blood vessels and dehydration

  • Hydrate look up what your intake should be daily and hit it!

  • Walk then full body stretch and release every day

  • Book Regular Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement Treatments At The Healing Cabin Cotgrave Village Nottingham

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