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Becoming Whole & Healing After Heart Break & Loss

You're Enough just as you were made, just as you are no need to change, get more do more be more. You Are Enough.

You don't have to be everything, get everything or do everything You Are Enough.

It doesn't mean you don't ever need help, it doesn't mean you don't have weaknesses or difficulties it simply means You Are Enough.

It doesn't mean you never make mistakes, make slip ups or have flaws.

it means You Are Enough.

Falling apart, mess and distress, no perfection, beautiful and broken, The Real You Is Not Perfect! You Are Enough.

Without having to strive to be accepted by all, looking for more Love, more reassurance, having prove yourself daily. You are Enough.

You are all you will ever need, Brave, Strong, Resilient, Honest, True, Authentic, Loved and Free. You Are Enough. Just Be.

Carmen Elizabeth 🙏🏼♥️

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