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Back pain? No Cure? Learn ways to cope with your pain

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Bertolotti's syndrome

Commonly Missed Causes

Bertolotti's syndrome is a commonly missed cause of back pain as it is somewhat rare in Nottingham not even pain specialists, Drs and Physiotherapists had heard of it. ~

It manifests itself as chronic sciatica, constant chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, sudden loss of mobility, weakness, muscles shocks and paralysis.

This pain occurs due to lumbosacral transitional vertebrae. In my case the L5 vertebrae is elongated and is articulating with the sacroiliac joint on my right side.

It's a congenital condition but is not usually symptomatic until your later twenties or early thirties. There are a few cases of Bertolotti's that become symptomatic at a much earlier age.

The fall

For many years I managed my pain with exercise and massage I didn't know I had a condition until a fall during teaching an exercise class caused me to become totally imobile for several months which ended my career as an Aerobics Instructor and Full Time Complaints Manager.


It was difficult to get a diagnosis and for over a year was told to take extensive amounts of pain relief for my fibromyalgia which caused sickness and lots of other awful side effects.

After another day of crying in pain my Gp ordered an Xray and the abnormality was found.

Pain management

A daily routine is now required for me to be able to exist with this diagnosis of unrelenting chronic pain. This consists of slow mobilising movements and gentle stretching to release around the L5 joint and sacroiliac joint. Releasing these tends to tighten Cervical spine, inbetween the shoulder blades and neck so these then have to be worked on in turn along with the latissimus dorsi and intercostals. My healthy eating along with my Detox program helps with the inflammation in the joints. Then comes the all great miracle working fire cupping massage. This treatment has been the best thing for me since my diagnosis. It relaxes through the entire back muscles and sucks out the tightness that seeks to protect the Bertolotti challenged spinal joint, flushes out the toxins and causes a sense of total relaxation. The routine I've devised helps to alleviate the severe chronic parts of the pain and enables me short bursts euphoria and normality.

The Cure

I've challenged the most Senior of Spinal Surgeons who wouldn't risk touching me as would most likely cause total paralysis. So my only solace is hope and my little routine which I have turning into my now full time career helping others to deal with chronic pain.

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