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Reiki Seichem & Fertility

Updated: Sep 25, 2020


If you’ve been trying to conceieve for sometime without success, you’re overwhelmed, exhausted from the monthly emotional rollercoaster of hope, waiting, disappointment, sadness and loneliness. Your desire for a baby is taking over your life. You’re wondering if you’ll ever get pregnant and it’s getting harder to keep the sadness, doubts and fears away. I understand. JUST ALLOW THE HEALING POWER OF REIKI SEICHEM HEALING SUPPORT YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY TO MOTHERHOOD. What is Reiki Seichem Healing? Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural energy healing therapy that brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into balance and harmony. In the Western world, it can be difficult for the logical mind to understand Reiki as we tend to focus on the physical body that we can see and touch. All living things have an ‘energy body’ that exists within and around the physical body. Taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing means taking care of your energy body, as well as the physical body and this is where the healing power of Reiki Seichem Healing can help. How can Reiki help me? When the energy within and around the body flows freely we experience good health and a sense of wellbeing. When the energy becomes weakened or blocked from things like stress, poor diet lifestyle, shock, upset, operations, for example it can impact the physical body. Reiki Seichem Healing is a non-invasive hands-on energy healing therapy that will:

  • Cleanse, balance and strengthen the chakras, clear blocked or stagnant energy, restore the normal flow of energy and reinforcing the body’s special ability to heal itself.

  • Release the negative energy of past events and present release emotional trauma that may be a barrier to conception.

  • Deeply relax the mind and body to let go of the panic, stress and anxiety of trying to get conceive.

  • Help you step off the monthly rollercoaster and return to a place of mental and emotional peace and balance.

  • Replace your doubts and fears with positivity and love for your special body.

A Reiki Seichem treatment is a comforting, nurturing experience and is the ultimate act of self-care when you need it most. . Today, up to 40% of couples suffer with unexplained infertility and experts believe that our increasingly stressful lifestyles are to blame. This can be a totally life changing experience. Book yours today:

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