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No matter how hard you work to keep your children healthy, they’re going to experience sickness from time to time. While having sick kids is no fun and can be quite discouraging, how you react and what you do during times of sickness can make all the difference in your child’s overall wellbeing.
As a parent, you are in charge of your child’s health. You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to take charge of your child’s health naturally. All you need to be is willing to learn and do it

This omega and nutrient-rich oil instantly boosts moisture levels, reducing signs of damage and skin inflammation.  This helps to redness, itching a must have for all those whose skin is beginning to get irritated and supports the skin’s resilience during recovery.  Specially blended, balancing aromatherapy oil richly blended and blessed just for you.  Our body oils are never tested on animals only on us and are free from any nasties such as Parabens, Sulphates and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.  Leaves your skin feeling less inflamed, nourished, hydrated and moisturised all day long!  All hand blended and blessed by Carmen Elizabeth Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner, Insired and Acredited  Holistic Practitioner.
What's in it?
Our specially blended essential oils are blended specifically for the ailment and the person.  They all have antiviral properties that have been reported to help fight common childhood ailments like: 

Molluscum contagiosum (MC) 

•Chickenpox (varicella)

•Whooping cough (pertussis)

•Measles , Mumps , Rubella.





•Sleepless Nights

Cuts & Scrapes 

Earache Oil


•Energy Bath


•Respiratory congestion

•Low mood

•Sore throats

We may use Neem oil is used to help heal inflamed, swollen skin. Lavender essential oil  frankicense and lemon is added to the neem, jojoba wheatderm,  fractionated coconut oil to further help provide relief from itching and promote skin healing.  We also use lavender to reduce discoloration.  Tea tree oil  is also effective for fighting rashes and viruses.  There are good results treating these things naturally when using the correct oils.  Tea tree oil has been used topically as an antiseptic for hundreds of years.  Spread or roller the mixture over your skin one to three times per day for several weeks.   When burns, rashes and spots disappear they can sometimes leave scaring ask us about our lavender blends that may help with this.

*Perform a 24 hour patch test first to make sure an allergic reaction does not take place.

5ml £4.99
10ml £7.99 Roller bottle
30ml £9.99
100ml £14.99
250ml £19.99
500ml £34.99

Salves & lotions:
5ml £4.99
30ml £7.99 
50ml £9.99

Healing Salves, oils, Lotions and creams available.

*Safety Note: Essential oils are concentrated and should NEVER be used undiluted on your skin.   Unsuitable for children under 3 years old.  

*All facts, details & recommendations on our website are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of medical professionals.

*All of our products are Specially Blended for The Healing Cabin & Forget Me Not Gift Shop Clients Only.  Message us for a full consultation appointment. 

Essential Oils For Children

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