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Our unique blend of Hemp, Rosemary, Tea tree some handpicked from our garden, infused jojoba oil, grapeseed, sweet almond and a blend of essential oils for natural fragrance that ancient use claims state they are good for both scalp, skin and hair from hair growth to scalp soothing to help fight inflammation.  It may also help with massaging for pain and headache relief.  Just a couple of drops go along way.  Some clients have found it useful in supporting hair regrowth after a bout of Covid19.
* This oil can be made suitable for those with nut allergies, and is completely vegan and cruelty-free!
Specially created by Carmen Elizabeth Aromatherapy Practitioner and Alternative  Therapist.
This product includes sweet almond oil* may not be suitable for those with nut allergies.
10mls £5.99
30mls £9.99

 *All of our products are Specially Blended for The Healing Cabin & Forget Me Not Gift Shop Clients Only.  Message us for a full consultation appointment. E-mail:

Hair & Scalp Serum

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