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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 165 British pounds
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Service Description

Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain & Symptoms? We offer 121 Emergency Appointments. We offer limited emergency evening and weekend appointments. You can discuss your concerns in full confidence. Unlike a 15-minute private appointment for concerns that costs on average £85. Your first 90 minute appointment which includes 15 minutes consultation costs £165 and is suitable for the most health concerns whether a repeat appointment or even if you’ve never seen us before. Others 30-minute appointment costs £165:00 which is the least time recommended for first appointments, more complex health issues, a new mental health concern, or more than one minor issue. Allow 2hours. *Please note add £20 Bank Holidays. We don’t offer medical care or a 24-hour ‘out of hours’ service. Our service is not suitable for medical emergencies, so always check if you need urgent medical care then please contact 111 or 999. The Healing Cabin use a unique test & treat system. Babies, Children And Adults Issues Like: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist, Fingers, Hip, Leg, Knee, Foot Pain? What else have we treated? ✅Tics / Tremors   ✅Inner ear itching / Deafness Sensations ✅ Eye astigmatism ✅Tingling ✅Headache / Migraine ✅Teeth Grinding  ✅Jaw pain ✅Sinus pain ✅Depression ✅Low / High Mood ✅ Overwhelm / Grief /Anger  ✅Dizziness ✅Insomnia ✅Snoring ✅Stomach-Bowel ✅Digestion Problems ✅Crohn’s disease  ✅Inflammation of the Bladder /Bladder Weakness ✅PMS /Menstruation & Menopause Afflictions ✅Infertility  ✅Prostate, Testicle & Virility Issues ✅Poor Posture (Scoliosis Kyphosis Lordosis) ✅Back Pain ✅Chronic Ear Inflammation ✅Colds ✅Hyperactivity ✅Additional Learning Needs  (ADHD ADS DYSLEXIA) ✅FASD ✅Stuttering, Linguistic & Coordination Balance Problems ✅Vertigo ✅Digestive Problems ✅Colic ✅Allergies ✅Asthma ✅Headache ✅ Hip Dysplasia & Dislocations ✅Kiss-Syndrome At The Healing Cabin Cotgrave Nottinghamshire They're Qualified Musculoskeletal Specialists And Use Unique Testing To Find The Route Cause Of Your Symptoms. They Receive Regular Review's That Client’s Are Being Helped Out Of Pain And Onto A Road To A Better Quality Of Life. ☯️Their Clients Find Their Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques Along With Our Western Kinaesthetic Testing Amazing, Mind Blowing And So Beneficial As We're Able To Find & Treat Route Causes For Strong & Lasting Results Book here:07392 378 826 Calls can be booked at a cost of £42.50 for 30 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

Sorry No refundable monies for on the day cancellations or 24 hours before. Full payment is required 48 hours before and 50% Transferable to a new date if Rebooked 48 hours before.

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