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Any Concerns With Your Child Regarding Issues Delayed development, Head turn preference, Feet in out

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We've been working with Children for many years.  Firstly with Health Related Exercise For Children And Now More Recently As A Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement Consultant And Musculoskeletal Specialist.   

I offer private appointments to support You And Your Child in A Private Setting In Cotgrave Village Rushcliffe area.  

⭐️ People Often Don’t Realise Their Children Need Our Therapies too!

⭐️ Children Are Not Just Small Adults, They  Need A Completely Different Approach To Therapy To Adults, So It’s Really Important Your Child Sees A Qualified And Experienced  Practitioner.

⭐️ What To Look Out For?

✅Look At Your Child's Posture

✅ Are Their Feet Turned Inwards or Outwards?

✅Note Their Day To Day Behaviour / Mood Is It Balanced Low High Or Erratic?

✅Are They Happy At Home And School? 

✅ Are They Thriving At The Rate Expected?  

✅Are They Tired And Lethargic?  

✅Getting regular Tummy Upsets And Colic? 

✅Are They Needing Braces?

✅Are They Teeth Grinding?

✅Complaining Of Aches And Pains?

✅Been Given Orthotics For Their Shoes?

✅Are They Sleeping Well?

✅Are They Feeding Well?

 If You Have Any Concerns With Your Child Regarding Issues Such As: 

Delayed development, Head turn, Lip And Tongue Tie, Preference Feet turned in, Stiffness, Tension Or Out Back / Joint pain.

Then The Healing Cabin Cotgrave Can Help!

⭐️ We Work Wth Newborns Through To Teenagers, Adults And The Elderly. 

⭐️Message To Book Your Recovery

Appointment With Full Body MOT Assessment And Treatment Today: 07392 378 826 *(Parent Is Present At All Times)#childrensKinaestheticOptimumRecoveryEnhancement #childrensmusculoskeletaltherapy #cotgrave  #delayeddevelopment #retts #tonguetie #displasia #intoeinggait #limping #torticollis #talipes

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