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Boosts Your Immune System With Fire Cupping Therapy

Preventative practice is most definitely more effective than treatment once an health issue has arisen. One noninvasive form of treatment for a wide variety of issues and ailments is fire cupping therapy. Fire Cupping therapy is a form of traditional Eastern medicine that works around the principle of Qi, or Ch’i. This is considered to be an invisible energy that flows through the body along various channels and can be manipulated at certain nodes or accupoints to promote healing. Before getting cupping therapy, it is important to understand how your therapist performs this treatment and how it will affect your body.


I use reverse pressure to raise the skin into cups, it causes blood to flow to the tissues below the skin. This increases receptors on the surface of the skin and allows you to respond better to the natural enzyme HO-1. Though you may experience markingthat looks like bruising in these areas, it is nothing to worry about and is completely normal.

HO-1 can affect a wide variety of your body’s functions. It acts as an antioxidant, removes iron from old cells, allows new ones to regenerate, and can act as an anti-inflammatory agent too. The enzyme increases from cupping therapy can prevent a wide variety of issues including various digestive problems, viruses, fever, and cough. Other histamines are also released that increase reception to proteins and white blood cells. With more HO-1, you can fortify your body and help prevent illness 🥰


Whether you are receiving one of the various forms of cupping, no needle acupuncture, or even acupressure, I will target five main points on the body. As one side of your body is more sensitive than the other, I stimulate both sides at each point in order to achieve proper harmony. The names of the points will coincide with the organs they affect and the areas of the body in which they are found.

The first point is stomach 36. Found roughly three centimeters underneath the kneecap on the outside of the tibia and fibula, this point is usually tender. Stomach 36 will help your whole body’s immune system, while also increasing energy and providing you with a calming effect. For those over 30, moxibustion can be especially effective on this point.

Behind either your tibia or fibula and just above the ankle, you’ll find a sore spot. This is the spleen 6 point, which is the main node for your spleen, liver, and kidney. By stimulating this point, I can balance your digestion, alleviate pain, and boost your immune system. Women may also see an increased benefit in easier menstruation cycles.

Found on the inside of the wrist, just above the fold and between the tendons, is the styloid process. This is also known as the lung 7 in cupping therapy. By targeting this area, I fortify the lungs, helping your immune system resist the pathogens that enter through the nasal passage. This can help prevent viruses, colds, congestion, cough, sore throat, and even fever, asthma, and the flu.

The final of these five main points is the kidney 27. You’ll find it in the first intercostal gap, the space between your collarbone and top rib, in the center of the collarbone. If you have a respiratory infection, you may find this point to be especially sore. When stimulating this point with cupping, you may experience some effects you weren’t expecting. By strengthening the kidneys, you will help prevent frequent lung infections, as well as help with coughing, excesses of phlegm, bronchitis, and asthma.

Both massage therapy and cupping therapy traditionally focus on specific points of your organs. These areas are divided into the zang and fu organs, as well as the sanjiao in traditional cupping. The primary are the zang organs, or the liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and heart. The fu organs include the stomach, gallbladder, large and small intestines, and the bladder. With correct technique, I as a certified experienced cupping therapist can target specific points to aid the body in fighting disease, pathogens, and allergens.


If you have questions about how cupping therapy can help you, contact me at The Healing Cabin Cotgrave. We offer a variety of services, including Fire Cupping, Swedish Thai Yoga, Trigger Point, Pregnancy Post natal Pain and Deep Tissue Massage. Give us a call 07392 378 826

or email to learn more about our services. You can also visit us in person at Ringleas Cotgrave Nottingham NG12 3PS. Don’t forget to ask about our Weekly, Monthly Massage Membership, which offers you an affordable and convenient way to experience our relaxing massage services.

* Please Don't visit us if you already have a cold virus or flu as we may refuse to treat you.

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