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Everything you need to know about pregnancy & postnatal massage

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Pregnancy Massage is an excellent way to relax and adapt to the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. After pregnancy, there are many more changes and challenges still to come. Postnatal massage can help you adapt to daily life after your baby is born. Benefits of Postnatal Massage

1. Helps you Relax & Destress Whether you’re a brand new mother or you’ve just had child number five you’re no stranger to the stress and strains that come along with a newborn baby.

Massage provides a well needed escape from all of the stresses, helps you calm your body, mind and soul. You’ll leave the session feeling new, relaxed, replenished and rejuvenated.

2. Relieves Your Tension & Pain Nine months of pregnancy can leave you feeling extremely stiff, full of tension, tired, moody and achy. You now have to carry a newborn baby around, breast feed on demand, carry put extra chores, look after you the baby and family leading to even more stress, back, neck and shoulder pain. As a Mother myself, qualified, experienced and a licensed massage therapist I can help to alleviate the load using various coaching tips, techniques and massage varing the pressure level at your request to ensure I'm effectively reaching all of your problem areas. You can even combine a few different modalities, such as Thai, Trigger point, Swedish and Deep tissue to really meet your unique needs.

3. Fights Depression About two thirds of women will have a short case of the postnatal blues, while 15 percent suffer from longer-term postnatal depression. There's a variety of reasons for this, from lack of sleep, support, dehydration, high environmental stress to genetics. Your mood can be improved by receiving regular postnatal massage, especially when coupled with Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki Sechiem healing. Your self care will be detrimental to staying well during this stressful time but if you're feelings of depression or anxiety are prolonged, you should definitely see your primary care health proffessional for further support.

4. Reduces Swelling During pregnancy, your body retains about 50 percent more fluid than usual, which may cause swelling. The excess fluid will be gradually eliminated after birth, but it may take several weeks for the fluid and swelling to go diminish completely. Massage increases blood circulation and is excellent for lymphatic drainage. This helps with elimination of excess waste, toxins and helps evenly distribute water around your body.

5. Promotes & Enhances Deep Sleep Sleep is a major key to recovering after pregnancy, but caring for a baby around-the-clock makes it near impossible to get quality shut eye especially when your caring for other children and family members.

Massage therapy increases the brain waves associated with stage 4 deep sleep. This It is vital for mental and emotional development. It helps make falling asleep and staying asleep much easier, leaving you feeling significantly more well-rested and refreshed when you wake up each morning.

When is it Safe to Receive Massage Therapy after Childbirth? In most cases, it’s safe to receive postnatal massage whenever you feel comfortable. In eastern countries they start as quickly as the day after and continue daily for up to 12 weeks. Be sure to have your check ups and consult with your doctor first, especially if you have or had any medical complications during pregnancy or after birth.

Which Positions are Safe?

All massage therapy positions are safe after delivery, but if you’re experiencing pain and swelling, some may be more uncomfortable than others. Tell your massage therapist about any issues before your session and they’ll accommodate you accordingly. You may want to wear extra breast pads as massage can increase milk flow.

Postnatal massage can help you recover from the physical, emotional and mental concerns you experience after pregnancy. Always be sure to regularly check in with your physician during the recovery process to make sure everything is healing as it should.

We also offer specifically adapted facials, head massages and pedicures to ensure comfort and safety for you and baby.

Start your pre and postnatal recovery today: 07392 378 826

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