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How can you boost your immune system naturally

A compromised immune system makes you more susceptible to contracting colds, coughs flu and viruses.

You can do alot to avoid getting poorly and learn here how to avoid catching things by giving your immune system a natural boost daily.

Come on practice self-care daily

Take great care of yourself it's really important to keep yourself healthy spiritually, physically and mentally. Keep your home space clean, light, airy and free from clutter. Taking time out for yourself to rejuvenate, replenish and meditate in a cleansed space can be an amazing insight for your mind, body and spirit.

Make a self care routine daily skincare routine and practice light face massage, along with some meditation gentle stretches and deep breathing.

If you're feeling tired overworked and overwhelmed, with no me time it can lead to you being run down, which makes you secceptable to illness.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Stay hydrated

People hear me daily talking about yhe importance of Hydration it's a key no.1 go to for keeping yourself healthy in general, it's even more important when it comes to preventing illness and infection.

Life giving Water helps your body naturally eliminate toxins and bacteria by constantly flushing them out of your system. If you pick up s germs or bacteria, drinking lots of water will help it exit your body before it gets a chance to take hold of you. Water is so important for keeping your throat lubricated to stop it becoming dry and a harbour for bacteria. Water is the best drink for its purity of hydration but you can also hydrate with coconut water which is full of electrolytes or diluted fresh fruit juices and herbal hot teas. Natural green teas are really good for fighting bacteria, as they keep you hydrated while also helping to kill bacteria that may be in the mouth and throat. Try to sip every 15 minutes and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, and as many un-caffeinated hot teas as you can to keep hydrated.

Eat well, the right foods quality over quantity

Eating the right foods will help keep your immune system healthy, as well as actively warding off any unwanted germs. This is a great way of staying healthy.

Increasing your intake of special food groups can really give your body a boost.

  • The first line of defence against infection is Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin C has many incredible benefits for warding off disease. You should increase your intake of foods high in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits. You can snack on oranges and add lemon and lime to your water and all meals. There are also many concentrated Vitamin C supplements available in soluble tablet or chewable forms you can take. Red bell peppers and spinach are also full of Vitamin C so adding these to lunch and dinner can really help you.

  • Garlic is also an amazing addition to meal prep and extremely good as a preventative measure to keep illnesses at bay. I find cooking with lots of garlic helps me and my family stay healthy. Ensure you add some of this infection fighting goodness to your meals.

  • A good Natural yoghurt is full of ‘live cultures’ and ‘good bacteria’. Some types of yoghurt contain probiotics, which will over time improve your digestive health, and may reduce inflammation. Some yoghurt contains magnesium, selenium, Vitamin D and zinc, which play a large part in immune health. I love a good hearty breakfast of muesli natural yoghurt with blueberries and pecan nuts.

  • Ginger is a well-known go to for nausea, stomach upsets and sore throats, but it also contains powerful medicinal properties that can prevent illnesses too. If you don’t eat ginger regularly, keep some in and take at the first sign of illness

  • I love a daily ginger tea and often make my own adding some root ginger, honey, mint and lemon to hot water and allowing it to simmer.

Wash wash wash scrub it away

Personal hygiene is paramount to your health. I believe cleanliness is next to Godliness. A good salt scrub weekly helps to clear dead skin cells and boost your collagen levels, lessens the frequency of body acne and relieves stress. The result is soft, glowing skin all over.

You’re susceptible to picking up germs and bacteria from the things you touch throughout the day. Even if you are extremely clean you will find that many others may not be and you never know what illnesses someone else might be carrying or how frequently they wash their hands. Touching things others have touched is unavoidable, but infection can be. Wash your hands regularly throughout the day, especially after doing things like shopping using a basket or trolley, getting public transport, using public facilities and avoid touching your face or mouth throughout the day. If you can’t wash your hands as regularly as you’d like, keep a hand sanitiser with you at all times and wash your hands as soon as you can.

Glorious Sleep

When sleep, our muscles and whole body repairs and rejuvenates itself. Sleep produces proteins called cytokines, and when you are sick you need alot more of them. If you don’t sleep well, don't get into a deep sleep or for long enough, this will decrease the production of these all-important cytokines. Lack of sleep can also increase muscle pain and soreness which will make you feel upset, grumpy and tired, these feelings will also heighten and exacerbate the symptoms of illness. You are also more likely to get sick while sleep deprived, lack of sleep will actually make symptoms of illness feel so much worse. Get as much sleep as you can at the first sign of illness go to bed. You'll be amazed by the power of sleep. Change your bed linen regularly even daily if you're poorly.

Time out

Try to take time out for yourself. Alone time can be really invigorating. Spend time in nature, in the garden, bird watching, try a new hobby, meditate, read a book, sing, write journal or blog, walk your dog or someone else's call a friend or relative.

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