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Our Signature Cranial Sacral Balancing & Stress Reduction

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

A technique that may help you in addition to your regular treatments such as Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement, Fire Cupping, Deep organ massage, aromatherapy, facial , India head and the Detox plan.

Benefits include positive effects on:







Blood Vessels

Everyone has all different kinds of rhythms in their body. There' the cardiac rhythm, in which the heart beats 60-80 times per minute. Then there is the respiratory rhythm of your breathing, in which you inhale and exhale 15-20 times per minute.

Underneath those rhythms is another one called the craniosacral rhythm. In this rhythm your head gently expands and narrows and your spine gently lengthens and shortens in an effort to exchange and circulate cerebrospinal fluid.

This happens 6-12 cycles per minute. The membranes that surround your head and spine act as an hydraulic pump that draws this clear fluid out of your blood then bathes the brain and spinal cord with it, and then returns it to the blood supply. In this way the cerebrospinal fluid is filtered and renewed. It's really important fluid because it supplies nutrients, carries away waste products, and acts as a fluid protective covering for the brain and spinal cord.

Cardiac rhythm can be felt at the neck, wrist, ankles so expect holds there. The rhythm of the lungs can be felt at the shoulders, neck, chest and belly so I may hold there.

Just like these, other rhythms, the craniosacral rhythm can be felt from all over the body, the legs, pelvis, sacrum, shoulders and head. If I hold your ribs and resist your lungs from expanding you would move to allow your lungs freedom to continue their rhythm.

What we do in Cranial Sacral Balancing Therapy is very gently hold the rhythm and watch as the body gently moves to free and release itself. When it does this, releases occur and restrictions in the body change.

Just as bruised ribs from a fall might keep you from breathing properly a fall on your tailbone or a bump on the head may keep your beautiful cranial sacral system from working as efficiently as it should.

So we gently hold and wait for releases. Releases occur in the form of heat, pulsing and muscle twitching amongst other things. Sometimes the eyes may blink or gurgling sounds occur in the digestive system.

You may feel a strong emotional release, part of your body soften, or gently shift, release and spread. Breathing patterns may change. A deep feeling of relaxation is a very common reaction to treatment.

These are what releases in cranial sacral balancing therapy can feel like. I’ll monitor the craniosacral rhythm from your feet, legs, pelvis, chest, neck, and head. Then gently hold some areas of the body and see if we can get some releases.

Anytime I hold the craniosacral rhythm until it stops, we call that a stillpoint. This causes the rhythm to try and restart itself and it naturally release the restriction of the stillpoint and any other restriction that may have been there before the stillpoint was added. The amount of force I’ll use is about 5 grams, the weight of penny.

If we can help your body be more at ease, it may be less likely to be in a state succeptable to illness and disease. Your back muscles will be more relaxed, you will move better, be able to exercise more, and you'll become healthier.

“The other thing that can sometimes happen with this work is your body may get very still before or during the release process. It’s a special point because it is a Significance Detector for your body. Sometimes as your body is resting here on the heate couch and my hands are listening to the rhythm of your CranioSacral System your body might move into the position it was in when you got hurt.

This often happens with people having pain and dysfunction from slips, falls, motor vehicle accidents and traumatic events such as being beaten up in a fight or hit as a child.

Your rhythm automatically stops and releases begin to occur. You enter a point of stillness we call a significance detector because the position the body moves into what you are thinking it's often an important very significant part of the healing and letting go process.

Sometimes there are emotions held in the body that are a part of the release process. I once treated a client who could not remember what had happened after being in a car accident. She was a single mother caring for 1 small child. She was in a lot of pain, unhappy and worried because her pain and limited range of motion in her neck, shoulders and arms had gone on for over a year forcing her to call in sick on occasions. She was fearful she would be unable to continue to care for her child and feared she'd lose the job she loved.

Nothing seemed to help her. I explained to her this amazing therapy and the cranial rhythm. I also told her about releases and allowing the body to release what it will. I asked her to lie down on her back and I began to listen to her rhythm at her feet, then her thighs, then her pelvis. At the pelvic diaphragm, she gently turned onto her side. She said she had pain all over including her ankles, wrists, shoulders and neck hurt. She said she could see the color red. She then began to cry.

Her rhythm had stopped. I kept my hands in the area needed with the client still on her side. I told her these were emotional and physical memories held in her body that were releasing and if she could stay with this process for a few minutes it would be helpful. She was able to stay with the process for 5 or 6 minutes and then she stopped crying and stretched, straightened out on the couch and sat up. She said, " I can remember the accident I had.” She explained she had been hit from behind and when the crash happened she felt pain in her head, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. She felt her neck jam and the last thing she saw just before she blacked out was the red light of the ambulance. She then turned her neck and said, “Wow I can turn my neck and I don’t have that pain. What just happened?” I explained about still points and Significance Detectors. That is to say, her body moved into the position it needed at the time in order to release the effects of the trauma from the car accident. It also provided her with a Somato Emotional Release, releasing an emotional charge that accompanied the trauma at the moments of impact and immediately after.

She came in 6 more sessions for fire cupping, Zang Fu Deep Organ Release and personal training and then I discharged her to return to family life pain free she continues to book on a bi-weekly appointment for a range of treatments from my list. Cranial Sacral Balancing & Stress Release Therapy is a gentle method of listening to the body and encouraging change.

It's using very light touch 5 grams approx to encourage releases that may include heat, pulsing, gurgling of the digestive tract, muscle movements and breath change. Releases may be very emotional in the form of tears, (we have lots of tissues near by and see this daily don't be afraid to let go) the on slaughte of old memories that may produce feelings of fear, shame, sadness, anger, remorse, regret that also can come to the clients awareness and thereby have a strong release.

The most important part about this is that the body will lead the way and do what the client needs and what me as the therapist is able to help facilitate.

I want to work with the physical body and me as the energy channel will be able to do that and experience a strong physical release and overhall powerful enlightening experience.

I've invested a lot of time and energy training in Somato Emotional Release and can also facilitate that event for the client. Your body is also able to recognize the level of work I'm able to facilitate.

I as a strong healing channel energy practitioner I can feel the craniosacral rhythm and so facilitate deep healing for the you. I'm a strong believer in setting my intention as it plays a huge part in creating a place where healing can take place.

I'm unconditionally present, non-judgmental, ego-subordinated and neutral. These qualities are present no matter what therapy you choose to book with me. Book your Recovery appointments, freedom from pain and stress today:

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