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Restorative Pain Management Yoga

In the 2009, I fell in love with Yoga after going to it to recover from an injury teaching a class it gave me the long awaited ease i needed to recover.

I qualified to teach the bones of Yoga with "Freestyle Fitness Yoga" in 2010 and taught many classes in the Nottingham City local community, for the City Council, Nottingham University and The University of Nottingham Yoga Society for 5 years before completing a full Hatha Yoga course in 2015.

After suffering a life changing injury in 2017 I've adapted my practice to be done splely on the floor to combine a specialised Restorative Pain Management Yoga, Reiki Seichem Healing, Mindfulness, Essential Oils, Sound Therapy using bells, singing bowls, drums and including breathing techniques to give me a whole new level of self care and natural pain management.

Before putting this together I wasn't teaching at all as it was too painful to even move or think straight. I felt so out of alignment but at the same time I was called to not give up on myself so I began to explore myself and personal practice.

In doing this I've developed an all on the floor gentle, restorative collaboration that allows me to utilise all my expertise to gently ease away pain and tension without causing embarrassment, distress, stress or strain. Every morning I move through seated lying and kneeling asanas and give myself Massage, Reiki Seichem Healing whilst diffusing specifically blended essential oils and some days I burn herbs and Insence. I light candles, say my prayers, anoint my chakras with essential oils, and may place or hold crystals on or around me to clear negativity, restore balance and ground myself as this restorative callabration of Prayer, Yoga, Reiki Sechiem healing and essential oils are my constant go to that I keep in my healing tool kit. I've learned to love the stillness and silence. I've watched my responses as if they were passing clouds without scalding, judgement or control. I've began to accept myself as I am each day. I released a lot of my anxiety to fix myself, embraced my imperfections, and lost the care for other people's opinions of me. I know for some especially me, lying in meditation for a hour to receive Reiki Seichem Healing isn't comfortable. With My Restorative Pain Management Yoga colaboration you have the opportunity to gently move into new positions whilst releasing toxins and trapped energy. I've found my solice and It's a truly an amazing and beautiful combination. Thank you to everyone who has shared my energetic space with me lately and to all those that inspire me never to give up despite my daily chronic pain. I love that so many of my clients are feeling the benefits of the treatments and are now ready to move onto more. If you haven't experienced it yet, I hope to see you soon. Here now your Restorative Pain Management Yoga Collaboration a Therapeutic Practice to help restore balance to Body Mind and Spirit. 🧘‍♀️ Especially Developed for Carmen's BMS Healing @The Healing Cabin. What's the benefits of My Restorative Pain Management Yoga Combination Practice? 1) Eases stress to the nervous system and digestion. 2) It improves digestion and helps weight management. 3) It supports physical wellbeing. 4) It increases peace of mind. 5) It improves memory and concentration. 6) It calms the nervous system. 7) It regulates blood pressure. 8) Excellent support during pregnancy, peri, menopause and menstruation. 9) It helps with pain management Endometriosis. 10) Helps with convalescence, addictions, grief and trauma. The therapeutic applications of my combination: Improves sleep quality, builds emotional balance and resilience, soothes anxiety and depression by re educating us into a relaxation state so the letting go, relieves headaches, rebalances the hormonal system and eases chronic urinary or gastric digestive disorders. You don't have to invest in lots of props there are lots of items around the home you can utilise to bring with you like a mat, bolster cushions and pillows. This session is so gentle its suitable for any ages from babies to the elderly. *Note: A GP referal letter may be required for some conditions please check before booking.

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