The Daily Struggle Of Chronic Illness, We Don't Give Up We Fight!

So I Get Asked Why I Strive To Work Sometimes In So Much Pain Myself?

Sometimes We Get Short Hours Of Remission!

Not All But Some Of Why I Fight Daily!⬇️

1) After suffering many years of symptoms In July 2001 I was diagnosed Atopic with Mast cell activation disease and Graves Disease amongst a few other debilitating illness.

In 2016 I found out my complete Thyroid that was removed in 2001 was in error.

In 2012 my Detox plan and the mant weeky therapies literally save my life not forgetting with the help and support of James of course!

I'm Still Struggling With Some Debilitating Symptoms😥 So🙄⬇️

I've been paying for my own Private Consultants and T3 Medication for the last 5 years as they've banned it in Nottingham I may move to Norfolk as its been reinstated there 🏖🏡🥰

2) I don't want others to suffer without support like I did.

Please help us get to 100,000 signatures by signing and s haring 🫂 Just look at the cost of our less than 6 monthly prescription😳 never mind Private Endocrinologist and can't even get an NHS blood test until sometime in January maybe😥

Now you know some of why I can't stop trying to work for myself and others too 🤔😴

CMA chief executive Andrea Coscelli said the NHS was at one point being charged more than £80 for a single pack of tablets that had previously cost less than £1.

This is my story every one is different, but don't ever give up trying to get better keep up the fight!

Company fined for price hike!:

A Signature Cost You A Second, Please Please sign here:

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