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The Daily Struggle Of Chronic Illness, We Don't Give Up We Fight!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

So I Get Asked Why I Strive To Work Sometimes In So Much Pain Myself?

Sometimes We Get Short Hours Of Remission!

Not All But Some Of Why I Fight Daily!⬇️

1) After suffering many years of symptoms In July 2001 I was diagnosed Atopic with Mast cell activation disease, Graves Disease, Fybromyalgia amongst a few other debilitating illness.

In 2016 I found out my complete Thyroid that was removed in 2001 was in error.

In 2017 I suffered a fall whilst teaching an aerobic fitness class resulting in a spinal injury and was later diagnosed with (Bertolotti Syndrome) A chronic spinal condition) which ended my Instructor career.

I'm Still Struggling With Some Debilitating Back Pain Symptoms😥 So🙄⬇️

I've been paying for my own Private Consultant and T3 Medication for the last 5 years as they've banned it in Nottingham but not in Norfolk as its been reinstated there 🏖🏡

2) I pay for my own private spinal treatments to manage the chronic pain.

3) I don't want others to suffer without support like I did.

Please help us get to 100,000 signatures by signing and s haring 🫂 Just look at the cost of our less than 6 monthly prescription😳 never mind Private Endocrinologist and can't even get an NHS blood test until sometime in January maybe😥

Now you know some of why I can't stop trying to work for myself and others too 🤔😴

CMA chief executive Andrea Coscelli said the NHS was at one point being charged more than £80 for a single pack of tablets that had previously cost less than £1.

This is my story every one is different, but don't ever give up trying to get better keep up the fight!

Company fined for price hike!:

A Signature Cost You A Second, Please Please sign here:

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