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The Healing Cabin Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

For those who want to try meditation but don't know where or how to start, I’ve created a guide.  Meditation is very simple and comes easily with practice.

Step One | Find a quiet, comfortable warm space with no interruptions.

·        Once you have found a place where you can meditate, switch off any all electronics that you may find distracting and dim the lights down low.

·        You can sit on the floor or on a chair, preferably with your feet on the ground and your back straight.  If you find yourself more comfortable lying down, you are more than welcome to do so.

·        There is no one or right way to meditate.

Step Two | Close your eyes.

·        Take a moment to close your eyes and signal to your body to relax just ask your body to relax.

·        Remain still and notice your body become loose and less tense.

Step Three | Find your breath.

·        Now that you’re starting to relax, become aware of your breath. Feel the sensation of breathing.

·        Focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale deeply with each one. Feel the sensation of the air passing in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Notice your chest expanding and contracting.

·        Be aware of physical sensations throughout your body.

Step Four | Don't try to stop the thinking.

·        In the beginning stages of meditation, it is normal for there to be a lot of ‘mind chatter’ in your head. You may feel a barrage of thoughts racing about.

·        Do not actively try to stop thinking or you’ll defeat the purpose of quieting your mind by giving it another task.

·        Allow your thoughts to flow through your mind just like a river, they will continue flowing if you don’t try to stop them. Acknowledge your thoughts, know that they are there, but do not engage with them. Let one thought, flow to the next.

·        Return back to the focus on your breath. Whenever you find yourself drifting away, return and find your breath.

Step Five | Stay Calm in your mind and focus.

·        You can either continue to focus on the breath or use a mantra such as “Aum” “OM” or a prayer that you are used to.

·        Maintain focus on either your breath or mantra.

Step Six | Practice

·        You can end your meditation whenever you feel fit, the minimum recommended time is 15mins.  I like 45 minutes but results can still be seen with as less as 3 minutes.

·        Don't be discouraged if you found it difficult the first few times.  It may take a week or more for your mind to break habits that are as old as you.

·        Continue to practice every day and I promise that you will feel the results sooner than you think.


It’s best to start meditation with a guided audio track to help you focus before you learn to meditate on your own.

All the best for your healing journey!

Our 121 & Group Meditation Classes Are Available In Clinic, 121, Group Or Online.

Please message to book 07392 378 826.

Carmen Elizabeth Maynes MABT IGCT

Certified Meditation Teacher

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