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Time To Correct Your Posture?

If you've resigned yourself to working from a couch, or even from a desk, you've probably got used to hunched shoulders and a achy back and neck.

Did you know that slouched posture can reak havock on your mind, body, spirit and have serious consequences for your image and your health? “If you have bad posture, you can become a target for some people who may assume that you’re not confident or have a weakness,” says Carmen Elizabeth who offers a 12-week posture clinic.

“You can appear shorter and people may assume you’re tired.” Poor posture also has negative health consequences like “chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue, confusion, overwhelm, headaches and back pain. You can also have sleep and digestive problems, difficulty focussing and concentrating. It causes so many issues,” Carmen Elizabeth says.

Army posture is not the ultimate goal. Instead, “good posture maintains three natural curves in the spine at the neck, mid-back, and low back,” says Carmen Elizabeth. When you look in the mirror, your eyes should be level, as should your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. From the side, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should create a straight line that, again, maintains the natural curves in the spine.

If you frequently notice that you appear slouched in photos or videos — or that your hubby is always bugging you to sit up straight — try these tips for correcting the habits that cause bad posture in the first place.

What will we ask you to look at?

1. Check your smartphone.

2. Adapt your workspace.

3. Take frequent breaks.

4. Think long in the spine.

5. Work it out.

6. Change your sleep habits.

7. Book a Cranial Balancing Stress Release appointment with a Carmen Elizabeth.

We can make gentle adjustments that “restore mobility and movement back into the neck, shoulders, hips knees, ankles and joints in the spine,” says Carmen Elizabeth.

These adjustments can also relieve stress that’s placed on the body when there’s a locked or restricted joint. After your treatments

Carmen Elizabeth will prescribe you additional at-home exercises to correct your specific posture concerns.

Bad posture is a habit that you’ve developed over several years. Be Kind To Yourself.

Give yourself the time to correct it (Carmen Elizabeth says it will likely take at least 12 weeks) Like most things you’ll see improvements in your health and the image that you project to others.

Interview with RVip Virtual PA.

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