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Grief The Silent Stealer Of Joy And Sleep. How To Cope / Manage Grief & Loss With Energy Healing

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

When tragedy happens some of us can develop the tendency to try everything we can to avoid grieving instead of facing up to it and embracing it. It's only when we start to grieve that we allow healing to happen. It can feel like a double edge sword because to grieve is to feel pain and to heal is to release the pain. Grief has a healing power like no other.

Eventually when we do start to grieve we allow healing to happen. It's difficult because to grieve is to feel pain and to heal is to release the pain. Grief has a healing power in itself.

Grief is a natural process that comes to us all. It's our natural response to loss.

Very often the chronic emotional suffering we feel due to the loss of something we or someone we loved can be so overwhelming.

The pain of grief can affect us in so many different ways. It can take away our joy for a long period of time, even indefinitely but only if we allow it to. I like it to fighting a war in another one of my blogs as it's a extremely difficult road to travel for many.

We may experience profound, deep sadness, guilt, shame, severe anger, regret and even temporary loss of control. Grief is associated with a death of a loved one and this is perhaps the most intense kind of grief but any loss can also cause grief such as a house move, car, divorce, losing a job, career, a miscarriage, a serious illness, losing a goal, dream, pet or a friend.

Despite grief being a natural process with many different feelings, many of us were told growing up that we shouldn't cry, be strong enough to overcome our feelings and act like we are okay even if we are not.

Alot of people are scared to grieve that they shy away from it and find anything to busy themselves, any such as excessive exercise, running, or unhealthy habits such as comfort eating, excess alchohol any diversions to avoid actually feeling the chronic pain of grief.

Seeing someone grief can be very difficult as it can remind us of our own loss or the ones we will experience in the future. We know by embracing our own grief, it might be easier to empathize with someone who is going through a difficult time too.

When we let ourselves experience the full impact and pain of our grief, it can help heal the deepest depths of the trauma.

Pushing the pain away, Ignoring your pain or trying to contain it will only make it worse in the long run. Healing needs you to fight through your pain, facing your grief head on and dealing with it taking action every day to combat it.

Responses to grief:

Shock is normally the initial response to loss and sonetimes denial. It’s our bodies protective strategy to protect the brain from overwhelming emotions that range from anger and depression to acceptance healing and relief.

Sometimes we attempt to put ourselves prematurely out of our grief. We try to resist it thinking what we are feeling is not normal and that others cope better than you. We are taught that it's important to be strong and brave in the face of loss. But feeling so shocked, frightened, sad, or lonely is a normal response to loss.

Crying is not a sign of weakness. You are not required to act brave in front of your family, friends or anyone to protect them. It's actually better to show vulnerability as it allows us to be more authentic, connected to people and that can help you and them. As they say, " A problem shared is a problem halved" or “Shared joy is double happiness," "Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” It's really important to show your true feelings rather than trying to mask ir hide it.

Some of us are in an habit of asking someone, “Are you feeling okay now?” That seems like we are saying there's a time scale on grief and that you should move on as soon as possible. There is no need to feel pressured, you should take as long as you need.

Grieving is a process and is different for everyone. What we should actually ask, encourage people and even ourselves is have we actually grieved enough.

Crying is a natural way for us to release stress, tension and purge our emotions. Positive expressions of grieving allows healing while suppressing it can be totally destructive hurting ourselves and othets on the process and it can prevent us from creating a joyful life with real genuine connections with others.

Grief can also affect us in our physical body and health. It can affect how we rest, sleep, eat, think, speak but know that all these are normal reactions to loss and the more significant the loss is, the more intense and chronic our grief will be.

Our bodies go through a tough time when in grief. Some may experience insomnia, pain, depression, loss or increase in appetite, headaches, and other stress-related conditions. Grief depletes our bodies life force energy and if we don’t do anything to replenish the energy we lose from grieving we’ll feel worse everyday.

When dealing with grief we need to take care of ourselves even more than usual. Grieving is important but we still need to make sure that in the process of grieving we attend first and foremost to our physical well-being. We are made of energy and when we are stressed like when we are in grief our energy paths are blocked or disrupted causing weakness, sickness, lethargy and pain.

If you’re a sensitive, empathetic person, you may also be absorbing the grief of others which can be massively overwhelming.

One of the best ways to release ourselves from grief safely and effectively is through controlled, channeled forms of energy healing such as Reiki Seichem Healing.

In my practice we use deep emotional energy healing, channeled specific healing to release emotional cords, unblock and clear chakras and aura cleansing.

The nature of energy healing works on a holistic level, during that 45, 60, 90 minute or even two-hour treatment, you will be healing on mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual levels, letting the weight from each area fall through so that your mind, body, and spirit can finally take a much needed rest.

You may still be in shock and not want to talk to anyone but you may still want to somehow find a way to mend your broken heart.

You may still be processing what happened over and over again to try to make sense of it all, what you’re feeling, while mental and emotional fatigue have created a lot of unhelpful thoughts and heaviness for you.

You might be exhausted from talking about the loss, the pain, grief and just feel like you can’t go on like this any longer. The great news is you can be in any emotional state and still reap the benefits of Reiki Seichem Healing.

During your healing time there’s no need to do anthing no need to talk, think, or even feel. Your body will be replenished by new, clean, positive energy from the Universe that can balance and harmonize your body, thoughts, and emotions, calm your spirit, so that you can let go of the dark cloud, heavy weight, feel lighter, clearer, and move forward at your own pace in a healthier way.

We all have different ways of coping with pain.

Some are unhealthy learned habits from parents or elders, such as self medicating with Alchohol, cigarettes or drugs, where some find it easy to express their emotions and find comfort in sharing their pain talking to people close to them, but there are also

Some who tend to withdraw themselves from people and it's alright if that means you need some quiet time for yourself to process what’s happening.

What matters is you let yourself grieve and if it goes on too long for you sometimes you might need to seek help. It's completely normal to need help to get through your grief.

Sometimes acknowledging your pain is the starting point to healing and seeking a support system is important in coming to terms with your grief. Reiki Sechiem Healing is an amazing support system to assist you in healing from grief and trauma. If your here you've found an Authentic Caring, Qualified, Experienced and Intuitive Reiki Seichem Healing Rasa Trained Master Teacher, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, AET Tutor, Registered with Rushcliffe Borough Council Accredited by ABT & IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, Insured By ABT Association of Beauty Therapists.

You can book a CBT, cranial balancing, a massage treatment or take our Acredited Reiki Seichem Healing 1st Degree Training Course to learn this art of healing for yourself or alternatively if you’re interested in working together, I can offer face to face or distant healing sessions remotely message, call or video call.

This works just as well, and I often facilitate sessions for clients who live anywhere in the UK.

Book your appointment and start your healing journey today.

Alternatively you can find lots of free information and help in Nottingham here:

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