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How Your you Help? Carmen Elizabeth is an expert at treating the spine naturally without any pain or cracking.  She will give you a thorough assessment and test your whole musculoskeletal system and internal organs after all everything is linked. Then there are a number of techniques that can be used to help manage a whiplash injury. 

When the neck is forced forwards and backwards aggressively, as it is in a whiplash injury, the muscles in both the back and front of the neck can become strained.  The muscles are over-stretched, and as a defence mechanism they respond by contracting too much, and it leads to painfully stiff and tight muscles.  In addition to the muscles involvement, the joints can also become jammed, stiff or stuck. 

They can pull the body into scoliotic or Kyphotic positions over time if not treated people can become very sick. This includes the Cranial system.  This can cause sharp pain that significantly affects the head and neck’s ability to move.  Both these issues can have a big effect on your ability to carry out daily tasks and activities. 

Ever tried checking your blind-spot without turning your neck?  Not easy.  Ask us for help ! There are a few muscles that are most frequently involved.  One muscle, the SCM, located in the front of the neck can cause all sorts of trouble.  Pain felt in the very top of the head may actually be the result of a tight SCM! The tiny muscles in the back of the head and neck, our suboccipital, are also common causes of whiplash related neck pain and headaches.

Pain at the base of the skull may be due to tension in these muscles! We are trained to recognize referral patterns, and will be able to identify the muscles that need attention.  Muscle release techniques are almost always included in treatment for whiplash.  

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