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Dystonia Awareness Month

📆 September Is Dystonia Awareness Month!🧠🫀👀🫁🙆🙆‍♀️

What Is Dystonia

⚜️Dystonia is a disorder of muscle control; It can cause slow repetitive movements, spasms, abnormal postures tics or tremors of the musculature that are uncontrollable by the patient.

What Symptoms Get Reported To Us?

⚜️The symptoms of dystonia may include neck cramps, spasms and stiffness, foot cramps, turning or dragging of the foot, worsening of handwriting, involuntary neck movements, rapid eye blinking or closing, episodic blindness, various muscle tremors and sometimes difficulty with speaking, swallowing. The symptoms may become more noticeable when the individual is tired or under stress.

⚜️The cause of dystonia is not known; researchers suspect that all sorts to be the cause of dystonia in three groups - idiopathic, genetic and acquired.

⚜️Symptoms of dystonia can occur at any age but are often described as either childhood or early onset versus adult-onset with early onset beginning with symptoms in the limbs while adult onset usually begins in the neck and or face; these symptoms often progress from intermittent to more frequent or fixed postures that can result in shortening of tendons.

⚜️Dystonia may be classified based on the regions of the body which are affected; in addition, they can be described as focal (localized to a specific area such as the neck) or as genetic forms that may start as focal then progress to other areas.

⚜️Currently, there are no medications to prevent or slow the progression of any dystonia; however, there are several strong drugs and other methods that have very little lasting effects.

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