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Sick Of Feeling Sick & Tired?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Back pain is one of the most common complaints we see as Complimentary Health Practitioners here at The Healing Cabin Cotgrave Nottinghamshire.

It's estimated 70%-90% of all UK residents will experience an episode of back pain at some stage in their life.

For anyone who has suffered with this condition, you are aware of how debilitating it can be. This is why it's the number one cause of years lived with a disability. Back pain can significantly impact your daily life, hampering so many everyday activities.

Due to the varying nature of back pain, there are many potential differential diagnoses given to people including: sciatica (numbness, tingling, and shooting pain), facet syndrome, subluxation, fixations, muscle sprains, joint sprains, disc bulges and many more. It's important that we correctly identify what type of back pain you are suffering with in order to have success with treatment.

How does this pain feel?

Often clients will describe pain with even the slightest movements, a shooting or stabbing pain down the back of the leg (sciatica), a dull ache, numbness around the area or stiffness with locked movements.

Common Causes:

  • Poor posture/spinal alignment

  • Inactivity

  • Prolonged Sitting

  • Trauma

  • Repetitive Poor movement

  • Poor Lifting technique

  • Sports Injuries

  • Accidents

  • Falls

  • Whiplash

  • Assault

  • Underlying disease or pathology (Rare)

  • Congenital Bertolotti (Rare)

What is the most common cause of back pain?

Once we have ruled out any underlying disease or problem, the most common cause of back pain is mechanical structure in nature.

This means the joints of the spine are not moving as freely as they are designed to. This causes pain and restriction locally, can contribute to spinal degeneration, muscle spasms, building discs, and irritation of the nerves surrounding the back and no amount of basic massage will help this.

Inflammation and swelling around the lower back can often irritate the sciatic nerve, resulting in a shooting pain down the back of the leg this alone can be debilitating and causes so much absence from work.

How can kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement

Help My Back Pain?

We take an holistic approach with back pain, we treat your entire body, not just where it hurts. There can be many factors into what is causing your pain, so it's essential we find the accurate route cause.

Our process involves a complimentary consultation which allows us to determine what your history is and to find out what's happened historically.

During this examination process, we will perform a range of musculoskeletal tests in order to find out what the problem is. Once we have all of this information, we will report back to you with our findings.

From here we will create a personalised treatment plan, designed to help you recover gently and naturally. Our treatment approach will include neck and spinal release, muscle work, plus the prescription of rehabilitation exercises and stretches to do at home.

Can massage help me get rid of toxins?

I’m glad you asked!

So here’s the thing, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what toxins actually are, so let’s tackle that first. THE TRUTH ABOUT TOXINS. Toxins is a word that is thrown around a lot. Too much in fact without really being understood. When it comes to the human body, any and all substances can be toxic. Even water in large quantities can kill you and oxygen in too great a concentration is toxic, and yet those two things we also need to survive and live. At the same time, substances that we commonly classify as being toxic can be beneficial – like lithium! If you eat the contents of a lithium battery, it’s clearly not going to end well, yet lithium is used in small dosages to aid in treatment for certain mood disorders like Bipolar. So rather than referring to a substance that is entirely bad for you and foreign in nature, the word “toxins” most commonly refers to dosage or amount. [Note: there are a few substances like arsenic, that really have no physiological benefit in any amount, but rarely are we referencing these substances when we use the term “toxins”]. What we’re really referring to is “too much of _____”. These substances could be good and useful in proper amounts, yet toxic in too great a concentration. And mostly we’re talking about substances the body produces, not foreign agents. This is especially important to know when we talk about toxins in the body. Without our definition of toxins, the answer would be NO. However, with the clearly defined parameters of “excess”, the answer becomes YES…sort of. [the proper answer is “yes, that’s what the predominant theory is currently…and with a catch”]. When we massage the soft tissues of the body (muscles) we have the ability to release pockets of waste build up. It’s almost like we burst a little package of highly concentrated “regular stuff” that causes an issue because it’s in excess then as we're trained in lymphatic drainage moves we are able to direct them through the lymphatic system. TOXIC PACKAGES. When we think of these packages now, the way we should be visualizing them is as chemicals/compounds that are regular bi-products of energy production in the cell. All our cells in some way or another produce “waste” as a result of generating energy to fuel the assembly of proteins and other things the cell is designed to make! Normally our bodies are great at removing this waste (when we are happy, healthy and peaceful). Just like any biological system though, things can go a little bit wrong especially in times of stress and when that happens these waste products accumulate. It’s these little packets that are commonly referred to as toxins. And it’s these little packets that we, as practitioners of massage, can help your body clear-out through manual disruption of muscle tissue. This is also where the “sort of” comes into play. Technically a massage is both toxifying and detoxifying. Ultimately we view it as detoxifying because it aids the body in the removal of these excess concentrations of metabolic byproducts. However, massage is briefly increasing the “toxicity” of our body because it releases the contents of a toxic packet into our system. And you thought that would be a simple answer, didn’t you? I do think it’s important to be thorough in responding to questions like this. (Evidently). 😊🙏🏼

What can massage help with? In all types of massage therapy, the intention is to relax the soft tissues, increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the massaged areas, warm them, and help the body to relax.

Massage may be found to bring relief from everyday aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness. It can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

With back pain, we will also look at your lifestyle factors that have led to the symptoms or injury and help you make modifications as necessary to prevent future instances.

We utilise a variety of different techniques, from hands on Tui-na (Tweeena) Eastern massage techniques to specialist Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement neck release techniques. Depending on your needs and your body type, we will cater a treatment style to suit your needs suitable from birth to elderly.

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